When it comes to high-end PC gaming, it’s easier to find a decent laptop that supports your arduous gaming needs. You’ll need a laptop that supports a maximum resolution, has a long battery life, and a decent graphic card.

Check for the following components when you plan to buy gaming laptops under 1000:

Choose one with the best CPU

You’ll need the main system to run a game at 50 plus frames per second that’s capable of handling such speeds. Choose a laptop with a superior main system processor, a larger RAM to keep more applications stored in its memory, and a fast drive for storing games and other files. A gaming laptop must also have a high-resolution display for viewing the action, and a comfortable framework to house all these components.

At present, Intel and NVIDIA are the leading processor manufacturers in the market. Intel has recently come up with its i7, the seventh-generation processors that are well suited to perform extreme gaming tasks. You can get a large amount of work done with less efficiency using this processor.

Go for a high-resolution GPU

Choosing a high-end graphic card is essential as you will need a very virtuous visual effect, while playing your favorite game. The latest EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition is a GPU with unparalleled performance. It has a stream processor of 2,560, and a core clock that has a clocking capacity of 1.607 MHz.  If you want to try on 4K gaming, you definitely need this GPU. You can attain the performance of two 980 Ti’s in a single GPU with the launch of NVIDIA’s new Pascal architecture. NVIDIA has also come up with a graphics processor for a 1080 p resolution called NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060.

High-quality display for unmatched gameplay

Laptop screens have advanced tremendously with screen resolutions designed at full-HD, 1920×1080 pixels. The advancements were met by expending enhanced technology than the rudimentary TN type found in earlier versions. Keep a lookout for the recently developed IPS panels that offer eclectic and consistent viewing from all angles, superior contrast ratios, and wider color gamut. While you purchase a gaming laptop under 1000, be specific about the contrast ratios, especially at lower brightness settings. Don’t be misled by extended screen brightness or dimensions, since contrast settings are far more important than dazzling your eyes with 300cd/m2 figures.

Nowadays, it’s also easier to find screens with more hands-on antiglare textures. They’re designed by reversing high-gloss reflective panels found in most brands. The high-gloss reflective panels were once unavoidable; earlier monitor screens were devised using this technology. You can generally snub the trend for greater-than-HD resolution, since graphics processors can’t match up to the UHD (4K) screens. Most gamers find 1920×1080 screens comfortable, as it’s a happy compromise between magnificent on-screen detail and the total playable frame rate.

Greater storage for extraordinary performance

When it comes to booting your PC, a solid-state driven storage will improve the user experience by launching programs rapidly through quick opening times and file saving techniques. But this won’t be enough to make your game run faster, although it may work on reducing the short pauses between saving each levels of the game. An SSD is recommended to get a second hard disk inside for the rapidly storage of gaming files.

World-class audio systems

Gamers like to use headsets or headphones to spice up your gaming experience to a large extent. But if you don’t anticipate spending your time donning ears to gameplay audio, make sure you find modern gaming laptops that are noiseless. This means your laptop has a sophisticated built-in stereo.

Extended battery life

While gaming for longer hours, you can’t afford to lose your game from poor battery life. Battery life is essential when you’re engrossed in acing the game. It’s a good idea to go for a powerful gaming laptop with a stunning battery life.