I have always considered myself to be a meticulous and organized person. And in a long time, I did not feel that backups were important things, and worth the effort.

Sometimes, people will make mistakes, and delete important files. But that’s not my mistakes. However, a one big accident happened to me and completely change my stance on backups.

You are storing a lot of important files on your computer, or mobile phone and an accident happened, your data could be gone forever. If you are using an Android device, lost data is the last problem could happen to you, by using a backup tool.

These backup tools are very easy to use, to avoid losing your important data on your Android device, such as contacts, SMS messages, photos as well as video. Here are a few of the best free Android backup that you could download and use right now.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is one of the best backup apps for Android devices. With this app, you can backup all files on your Android device, including apps and app data. If you could spend $5.99 to upgrade to Pro version, you will get a lot of awesome features like multiple backups, scheduled backups, cloud backups and more. Check out Rob Triggs’ post for the Titanium Backup review and how to use the app.


It’s an Android backup tool that does not require to root your device. It allows users to backup important files, apps and its data to MicroSD card or cloud services. Moreover, users can sync app data between Android devices, even if devices are not on the same network.

There is a desktop version of Helium, allow users to connect Android to computer and backup the device. If desktop application is too complicated to use, you could use Android file transfer built-in feature to backup and transfer file between Android and computer.

Super Backup

According to the report from the developer, Super Backup is the fastest data backup app for Android. With this backup tool, you can easy to backup your apps, its data, contacts, SMS messages, call logs, browser bookmarks and calendars. It allows you to save backup files to MicroSD card, computer or Gmail, and also allows you to schedule backups to protect your data.

Easy Backup & Restore

For any user that love simple things, Easy Backup & Restore is one of these things, lets you backup Android apps, messages, call logs, bookmarks, contacts and calendars. You can select to create a manual backup or schedule automatic backup with ‘Easy Backup & Restore’ features. The app will compress backup files into a .zip archive, easily view and store on your Android device, or MicroSD card and cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive.


The truBackup app is more simple than Easy Backup & Restore. It comes with an easy user interface, just click & select option to backup and do the same to restore your Android device. This backup tool allows users to create manual or automatic backup from Android’s contacts, SMS messages, photos, videos, music and apps. And then save backup files into MicroSD card, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Users can also use one cloud account to manage all connected devices and transfer data between these devices. For example, it allows users to backup a Samsung smartphone, transfer the backup file to an HTC smartphone and restore it. However, the truBackup does not allow you to backup app data. If you want to backup app data on your Android device, try above apps.

All of these Android backup tools are great and can help you to protect your important data and files on Android devices. From my point of view, each app has its own advantages. So depends on what you want to backup and where you want to save to, pick an appropriate app to use.