Review of McAfee LiveSafe Software

McAfee LiveSafe is security software designed to protect your computer from viruses and other bugs that can creep up when you use the internet. McAfee markets their ‘LiveSafe’ as a complete security suite with numerous features that can be used not only on a PC or laptop but on mobile devices, such as tablets, as well.

But is McAfee LiveSafe worth the subscription price? Let’s take a look at some pros, some cons, and the overall quality of the McAfee LiveSafe software program.

The Good

The setup is hassle-free. Sometimes, programs labeled ‘security suites’ can be a pain in the neck to install and set up because they involve multiple components that may need to be installed separately or have far too many options for the layman user. Thankfully, McAfee LiveSafe’s setup is quick and pretty much straightforward. There are several options for customizations (such as what particular types of files you want to scan or clean) but nothing that is overly complicated.

The program layout is easy to understand. The McAfee LiveSafe layout is intuitive and very easy to understand–all of the menus are laid out with descriptive headers and most people will have no trouble finding what they need within the program’s numerous features. There is also a very helpful ‘Learn More’ option for every aspect of the program, which is very helpful for non-computer savvy users.

It has an almost 100% protection rate against viruses. In numerous user-tested studies, McAfee LiveSafe was able to detect about 97-98% of all viruses, spyware and other bugs. This is an excellent percentage which indicates that the program is very capable of handling most viruses, spyware and similar issues.

The Bad

The full scan slows down the computer significantly. No security scan is going to let the computer run as quickly as it normally does, but the McAfee LiveSafe full scan really slows the computer down—to the point where users will have to just give up on doing anything more than very light web browsing until the scan is finished. And since it is the full scan that usually takes a while.

The subscription cost is high. Most computer users are used to free anti-security programs or very inexpensive ones. McAfee LiveSafe is currently being sold at about $80 a year, and although that does include security options for phones and other mobile devices, it’s still a sizable chunk of change.

Overall Verdict

McAfee LiveSafe is a comprehensive, easy-to-use full security suite that offers a range of security features that can help protect your PC and mobile devices from online threats.

The subscription price for the software may be high for some users; however, the subscription does include protection for an unlimited number of devices (including personal computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets) and a full security program. It is a great option for internet users who want a strong anti-virus program for their internet-connected device—one that won’t leave them confused or unprotected.

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