It’s official! Skype, one of the most sought-after video calling applications in the world, announced in January, that it is going to flood the markets the free group video calling on the mobile devices, in which are also included the iOS and the Android, for the users on a vast scale. Microsoft is determined to stick to its promise for all and sundry, by getting their dreams materialized, as a first ray of the sun.

If we go by the details enunciated in the blog post of Skype, the cherished desires of smartphone users of having a good time with the group video calling will be met with within the coming of the next weeks. In the first leg, the service will be available on smartphones and tablets in the continents of North America and Western Europe. Later on, the service will flutter its wings in the remaining parts of the globe by March, as announced by Microsoft.

The glimmering of this grand evolution came to sight when the company announced the beta version of the feature in January this year. It was done to commemorate the decade-long strong run of Skype’s video chat service. Keeping its bent on user priority, the company had offered to pre-register and test the new feature, which eventually saw the participation of ‘tens of thousands’, as reported by Microsoft.

Elaborating on its features, Skype’s new feature of group video chat will be available in High Definition. Microsoft has further explained in its blog post that the new feature will be optimized and worked upon to suit any device a user has, at the time. Now, a maximum of 25 callers can participate in a Skype group call as compared to the previous limit of just 5, which is indeed a leap of a big stride. With this, a family talk would be much more fun. Besides, this marked improvement in the number of callers, rings in surprise for business entrepreneurs, who will be able to conduct conferences on the go.

With the roll-out of group video calling feature, Skype has outwitted its opponent FaceTime, which doesn’t allow this facility.

Adding on, audio for the calls finds its power source with Microsoft’s SILK Super Wide Band audio codec from its cloud conferencing stack. The feature comes with a grid view and a focus view, showing the participants involved in a call and the active speaker respectively. Users are given the liberty to toggle between the grid view and focus view during the call. At any stage, if there generates a need to pin a new participant, go ahead, for it can be done in a moment without disturbing the ongoing call.

Dozens of features, including video messaging, personalized emojis and music emojis, Real-time speech and instant message translations, allowing non-skype users to join the calls, and Slack and Outlook mobile integrations among many, have been added to the mobile-version of this amazing platform bit by bit. The recent change in the calling feature is also functional on smartphones, says Mircosoft.

Skype is ruling the roost in the communication circuit, and is the new-found obsession for those who love to stay connected. Despite its adaptation to mobile devices from desktop computers, its user count has not whittled down from even a number. The company boasts about a customer network of 750 million, a winning success marker indeed. Skype is one of the most downloadable applications on iTunes App Store and Google Play, and we aren’t surprised!

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