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Smartphone Durability: How Cold Is Your Vehicle?

Ever wondered if it’s okay to leave your smartphone in the car while you walk, hike, ski or ice skate? Ever forget your phone in the car and worry about what damage you’ve caused? Electronics are like people, they don’t always do well in extreme conditions. But just because you goofed up one afternoon doesn’t necessarily mean the phone is toast. It all depends on the conditions in the car (or wherever you left the phone) and the type of phone you have.

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5 Top Tips to Protect your Gadgets

How to protect your gadgets.Electronic equipments are popular throughout the world these days, as we are becoming more and more dependent on these gadgets for communication, entertainment, information etc and most of the things we do in a day involve their necessity for the task completion. Everything comes with a price and convenience that these gadgets provide us comes with the price of fragility. For these gadgets to work properly they need to be taken care of very well if we want them to work for a long time and save us from their costly damage.

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