Whenever there is an updated version of an app, its makers put in some added features so that its users prefer to use the latest version. The latest version of the Privacy Guard application has a variety of new and improved features. Makers of this app has completely modified this app and included some important and necessary features like the easy tutorials, Wi-Fi scanning tool and many more. Users of this app are quite impressed with the Wi-Fi scanning tool because it enables them to maintain their phone’s privacy even when accessing public Wi-Fi. Along with these features, there are several other tools like the App lock screen and a tool that will help you to clear your phone’s storage space and enable your phone to work much faster. It even provides a variety of customized themes. All these features along with many other, make this app the best and the most trusted and downloaded privacy safeguard app.

privacy guard app

The best privacy and security app for your smartphone

Smartphone users have full of private videos, data, folders, files and personal pictures stored on their phones. It is quite usual that they are worried about losing their confidential information to the wrong hands. There are several apps that contain your bank details and card information, but with Privacy Guard 3.0 you need not worry about leakage of information or getting your information misused. You can setup a pattern lock or a password protection in order to safeguard your personal and confidential data from leakage. This version of Privacy Guard is the best and millions of users are installing them in their smartphones to ensure safety of their data. With this app installed you can be rest assured there will be no prying eyes on your phone. Even you will be able to identify potential risks as and when you make a full privacy scan. There are various other features like the app cover which provides an additional security layer. It is highly recommended that you set up a password hint or security question so that you can recover your data and files in case you forget your password or pattern lock.

One stop solution for anti-theft protection

When we are unsure of our phone’s location we fear of losing confidential data and files. But Privacy Guard 3.0 helps you stay worry-free of these accidents. The Anti-theft feature of this app can help you find your stolen phone or even if you have misplaced it and prevents the leakage of private data. It does this by sending message to a remotely control phone. You are not required to login to any specific website. The advanced app lock function locks up all the apps contained in your lost phone to protect data privacy. It then locates your phone on the map and sends you an alarm to help you find it. At the same time, the function of Break-in-Alert can take the photo of intruders trying to access your phone’s data, to help you identify them later.