The CaseCo iPhone7 CLEAR SLIM & GLAM CASE – Ultimate Protection

Caseco has come with up two budget friendly options to protect your iPhone 7 while making sure it is visible and easy to hold. These two cases are the CaseCo iPhone7 CLEAR SLIM CASE AND CLEAR SLIM GLAM CASE.

The Clear Slim Case

This case is the next level in comfort and durability. It is not much to look at since it is clear all the way but it lets all the splendor of the iPhone 7 shine through while ensuring that the phone is not made heavier or difficult to hold. It has a nice firm plastic back which will protect against potential falls and scratches. It is also hard to scratch the plastic too badly since it is good quality and you will most likely get a lot of use out of it and at $24.99, you really can’t ask for anything more.

The sides are made from rubber which increases friction which means you are less likely to drop the phone or let it ‘slip’ out of your hands. You get a nice, firm grip which is brilliant if you are making calls on the go and usually have your phone out rather than in a pocket or a handbag.

It is extremely practical and it has a hybrid design which means it will go with a standard iPhone 6 as well and it has a headphone jack. The CaseCo iPhone7 CLEAR SLIM CASE AND CLEAR SLIM GLAM CASE have been made with one purpose in mind. They are supposed to be versatile, comfortable and chic along with being able to withstand a storm.

The Clear Slim Glam Case

The glam case takes it up a notch because the design is not as simple and there are gold specks running through the entire case. It does however have the same plastic back and rubber sides but it is altogether more luxurious and adds value to your iPhone 7. It comes in three lovely colors which are rose gold, black and glam gold and you can buy it from

Just like the clear slim case it has military grade protection standards. This means that if you drop your phone or ram it into a door or a window you can expect minimal damage to result. It goes without saying that the case is extremely slim but it still offers two layers of vinyl protection.

Most clear based cases tend to go yellow with use or exposure to the sun but the Caseco version is immune to that deterioration so your case will last a long time.  All ports are accessible and the rubberized grip makes the phone easier to use as you probably won’t drop it.

The glam case has a raised rubber barrier protruding towards the front (although it does not cover the front screen) so that additional protection can be provided if your phone falls face down. The raised rubber will shield the screen from cracking or being damaged in this instance. This small tweak of design also makes it safer for you to lay your phone on hard table or counter surfaces without incurring cracks.