Three New Ways Employers Can Track Time

Regardless of the size or type of business you operate, time clocks are a necessity. A simple clock lets employees punch in when they arrive at work and punch out at the end of the day. This keeps a running total of the amount of hours worked and ensures that all your employees receive accurate paychecks. Many of these devices are difficult to monitor, which leads to you paying out more in overtime. Thanks to some new technology, you can now track the time that your employees work and cut down on overtime.

Fingerprint Clocks

Old-fashioned time clocks let anyone sign in for any other worker. You might find that your employees check each other in when they’re running late and can’t make it to the office on time. With fingerprint clocks, only that individual working can clock into the system. These time clocks require that all employees register a fingerprint with the system. They can only clock into work after scanning their fingerprints, and no one can clock in for someone else. You can also monitor the system to see when employees clock in and out and the number of hours worked.

Online Programs

An online time clock has a number of uses around your office. These clocks utilize a larger system that regulates the time. You can let your workers check in via a smartphone, web browser or from a traditional time clock in the office. As more companies begin relying on virtual workers and crowd sourcing, you need a way to monitor employees who do not work in your office. Incorporating one of these systems into your business lets you keep track of your employees, but the system also lets you know when they do their work.

Facial Recognition Clocks

Biometrics is one of the hottest trends in the business world. This involves the use of software that tracks a specific part of the body. With facial recognition clocks, you link the faces, eyes or even the lips of your workers to the time clock. The clock scans each worker and lets he or she clock in after finishing the scanning process. You’ll never again pay workers who let someone else clock them into your system. Find out more about some of the newest time clocks and how those clocks use technology before selecting a new system for your company.