Some tips in writing a good custom dissertation

In this paper I try to various tips to deal with the inhibition of dissertation writing. The following tips are:

  • Positive attitude is an issue that often arises in the problem of dissertation writing. Motivation is fluctuating, but self-motivation may need to be updated frequently to the fullest.
    • When writing a dissertation there is the possibility that students’ interest is reduced, their confidence is down, frustrated at not getting the necessary help. But the students must write what makes them uninspired and talk about it with their mentor.
    • Writing needs to be made a habit, through regular writing, every day’s inspiration, and new ideas. Any author is advised to set aside time each day to write dissertation or set a specific time limit to know the amount of time they have.
    • Writing every day, even just 15 minutes, can help solve the dissertation. Writing a dissertation on a regular basis can also maintain motivation as well as an understanding of the purpose and shape of the dissertation as a whole.
    • Reading can add vocabulary and expand knowledge. In the process of research, reading will make researchers know what is happening in the disciplines studied.
    • Selective and critical reading can gain understanding and ideas, whereas writing can be a tool to clarify and make the ideas in our mind explicit, so that we are able to communicate them to others.
    • In addition to reading and writing, reframing and discussion are also important to know the advantages and disadvantages of our ideas.

    Some popular obstacles are:

  • Many students have difficulty writing because it holds a romantic belief, that writing only when the idea rises.
    • Writers who delay until having such clear ideas risk never writing.
    • It is better to write a draft instead of continuing to prepare and think about what to write when we start writing.

    What we should do are:

  • We should immediately identify the habit of procrastinating work related to the dissertation. Delaying something easy will make it difficult and delaying something difficult will make it impossible.
    • One way to avoid procrastination is to make writing activities as something we do regularly and ritually.
    • So we should not wait for inspiration or an ideal time to write.
    • Avoiding writer’s block is the inability of the author to reveal a significant string to solve writing, and then the author tries to make the proper outline.
    • If you write a thesis section without a plan, then you prepare yourself for failure.
    • The state of the writer’s block can also be caused: anxiety, limited time, lack of confidence, no outline, frustration due to the topics, perfectionism, and fatigue.

Some strategies are used to counteract obstacles or keep the words flowing. The steps are:
1. Change how to write the words. If stuck with a computer, then we should try to write by hand or change the place of writing, go out or to the library. We could also get an online help, for example what is provided by You can get a personal manager for your dissertation.
2. Exercise a little.
3. Group ideas. This is done in the way we write whatever is in our minds, not to wonder whether the writing is too far off what should be written.
4. Write “A crummy first draft” (the first draft is not good). Write as soon as possible no matter how ugly the writing is.