Top 5 Gadgets to Get This Christmas

Christmas is the one time of the year when you are on the lookout for gift ideas. All of a sudden, you find yourself rushing around trying to get something for everyone. This year, you might want to start shopping early to avoid last-minute panic. Here are some ideas for gifts for someone who is adventurous and loves the great outdoors.

Self Balancing Scooters

These are the new big thing in personal mobility after the Segway PT personal transporter. These, however, are cooler-looking than Segway because of the smaller wheels, and they also do not have the steering column. This makes the self balancing scooters look like two-wheeled skateboards.

As with a skateboard, it takes you just a little while to learn how to balance on it while the thing moves. Once you do get the hang of it, operating it is easier than skating. The device is equipped with computers, gyroscopic sensors, and tilt sensors. These allow you to move and control the self balancing scooters by merely leaning forward or backwards. The batteries take about two hours to charge and go on for 6-7 hours.

Whether it is a kid looking for a cool toy, or an adult looking for a fun way to get to places, self balancing scooters are a great gift choice for everyone. Look for reliable and well-known brands like IO Hawk or PhunkeeTree for a gift that will be loved by all.

Electric Bicycles

Bicycles are a great way to get to places because they are non-polluting, and provide you with the much-needed exercise that cars do not offer. The one disadvantage of the traditional bicycle is that sometimes you may be too tired to pedal but have no choice but to. An electric bike does away with that problem.

While it runs because of the rider pedalling, it also has a battery-powered engine that gives the vehicle twice the power than just pedalling. If you want the exercise, you can set it to manual only. However, if you need that little extra help when you are tired or going uphill, you will love the assistance it provides.

Like self balancing scooters, electric bicycles are a greener mode of easy personal transport, and can be easily charged when not in use.

Remote Controlled Helicopters/Quad-Copters

Remote controlled helicopters and quad-copters are a great toy for the outdoors. Using the same gyroscope technology that keeps the self balancing scooters upright, these toys can keep both kids and adults occupied for many hours.

The remote controls use ordinary batteries which last a while, but the copter itself needs to be charged after a short while. The blades of the copters are plastic and are safe even if they do hit you.

Noisebag Stereo Backpack

When you are out riding your self balancing scooters or your electric bike, listening to music with headphones can be hazardous. Noisebag stereo backpacks give you the same musical experience without cutting you off from the world. These backpacks are useful for carrying your stuff and come equipped with speakers on the shoulder straps.

Zeal Transcend GPS Goggles

These are an ideal gift for the more serious adventure sports enthusiasts. These goggles come with in-built GPS capability, and they also display information like altitude, speed, and location. Zeal Transcend GPS Goggles are ideal for people who like to spend their time outdoors doing things that make the adrenalin flow!