Social media is one of the most popular and used wings of the Net. Initially, it was relegated to be another way of people wasting time having some small talk with their friends and family members. But despite its positive social contributions to people’s lives, social media, and in particular Facebook, is fast becoming another hub for people to engage in antisocial and immoral activities. That is why software sellers like  are offering spyware that is intended to help people track other people’s Facebook activities. In our post, we shall share ideas on how to track someone’s Facebook. Therefore, remain put to learn more on how you can track into the Facebook accounts of those employees you are suspecting of wasting working hours during your absence. At the end of the day, you should also be able to monitor what your cheating spouse or teenagers are doing on Facebook when they should be studying. Here are proven and effective methods that can assist you in hacking Facebook accounts without needing to be an expert hacker.


Phishing is an effective method of hacking Facebook accounts even though it is a bit complex compared to other methods. But with a little mastery, you can use it effectively and record success in your spying mission. To use this method, you need create counterfeit sign in pages for people to sign in thinking they are signing into the right account. After creating the pages, you can send them to target victims so that when they sign in, their details will come to you directly instead of Facebook.

How to Track Facebook account utilizing cookies

The second way of hacking Facebook accounts is using cookies. Since cookies enable a website to store data on users’ hard disks and fetch it afterward, they can fetch you sensitive data during a login session. However, if you are sharing a similar WI-FI network, you can get the data. By using the cookies, hackers dupe Facebook into assuming that the hackers have documented their browsers.

Hack using reliable software

If you still need the most convenient method of all, then you need to buy secure and reliable spyware like MSpy. However, this method requires you to be very careful so you can purchase the program from a trusted seller. The reason is that if you fall for most of the online free apps, you may end up with a mediocre and limited version that denies you the best features until you buy. Additionally, you can end up with another spying app that could steal sensitive information from your smart device or computers. The catchword here is the reputation and stability of the vendor.

Reset passwords

Password resetting is one of the easiest methods of hacking into Facebook accounts. By simply following these simple procedures, you can get secret access into any account.

  • To access an account, you first need to get the owner’s the email details the owner used o register
  • The next step is clicking on the Forgotten Password icon in their account and then entering your target suspect’s email details. Once their account pops up, click on the This is my account link. In this stage, you will be required to confirm if you want to reset the password using the email you used to sign in. Here, it is mandatory to press on the No longer have access to these? link and proceed to the How can we reach you? option. Here, it is necessary for you to enter an email account that that has no link to any Facebook account
  • Afterwards, you will need to answer a question the system will ask you. At this level, it is necessary to answer accurately so you can get it right and then wait for 24 hours before logging in
  • But in cases where you lack the correct answer, click on the Recover your account with help from friends Here, you are supposed to select three to five buddies to whom the system will send passwords and enter them into the following page. Here, it is necessary to fabricate several counterfeit Facebook accounts and then add those friends

Using Keyloggers

Lastly, a keylogger is another way of hacking Facebook accounts. This method records all the strokes your chosen suspect logs into their Facebook. Additionally, it is possible to download it onto the person’s computer or smartphone. The good side of this method is that it operates secretly behind the scenes, and it is possible to customize it email you summaries of their keystrokes.

Hacking Facebook accounts is now an easy job for those who know the best way of doing it. By using the methods we have shared in this post, you can access someone’s Facebook account without their knowledge.

Hint: Please use only these tricks Ethically and legally  for Ethical Reasons