The Trend of Voice Search Is all Set to Change ASO for Digital Marketers in 2017

The inception of voice recognition technology is changing the SEO in 2017. This speech recognition technology is a technically innovative form of SEO and utilizes the combination of following technologies:

  • Text-to-Speech
  • Language voice search tools such as Siri, Google Now, Alexa and Cortana etc.
  • Natural Language Processes sing

The best SEO companiesNew York’s already calling voice recognition technology a revolutionary SEO trend of 2017. It is changing text based searches into voice searches.

And Facts Prove it!

Voice recognition technology is psychologically making consumers/mobile users feel more comfortable while searching for anything or anyone. This is why almost 30% mobile users have embraced voice search instead of typing using their mobile phone’s keyboard.

  • And day by day, this number is only increasing because of some compelling reasons:
  • In accordance with theprofessional SEO serviceproviders, more than 30% searches on Microsoft’s Windows taskbar are voice queries.
  • Nearly 25% smartphone based searches on Google are voice searches.
  • More than 90% accuracy of word recognition has increased voice searches by 65% since 2016.
  • It is turning out to be a perfect medium for blind and disabled people to leverage the advantageous of internet to stay updated about all kinds of latest happenings in the world.

This technical innovation is certainly getting bigger day by day. This is why most of the businesses are optimizing their websites for voice searches for smartphone users.

Voice Search Optimization is Benefitting Businesses:

But how? This is a very important question! According to experienced SEO and Web Copywriting Service providers, this technical advancement is a very effective psychological tool for businesses to add to multiply four following things to grow their business like never before:

  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Increase in Lead Generation
  • Customers
  • CSR (Customer Satisfaction Rate)

This is true! It makes users feel like tech savvy and allows them to search using their natural voice and language. In simple words, users can search for anything or anyone using long tail keywords for the following reasons:

  • This huge difference between voice queries and text based searches makes customers feel like a tech savvy on psychological level because its results are based on naturally intended meaning of the language used by a user. Question words are an integral part of them. Therefore, SEO and Professional Web Copywriting Service providers advise businesses to question words of the highest value and optimize such keywords and ensure good bids for growing businesses.
  • Almost 90% users are searching for local businesses or places every week. The whole credit should be given to the computer language. This ensures at least 20% lead generation for local businesses every day.

Taking this into consideration, marquee SEO and Web Copywriting Service providers advise businesses to optimize their websites for voice searches.

Wait a Minute! Is Optimizing a Website for Voice Search Really Enough for Business Growth?

This is a very important question! There are three big reasons of it:

  • App stores are home to nearly 1.6 million mobile apps.
  • More than 100 billion mobile applications have been downloaded since 2008
  • Voice search is changing ASO and its techniques (App Store Optimization).

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization is a process used by the best SEO companies to improve the visibility of mobile apps in mobile application stores like Google Play, ITunes, Blackberry World and Windows Store etc..

5 Benefits of ASO to Businesses

Seeking app Store optimization services helps businesses get traffic increased on the app’s pages for the following reasons:

  • Apps are best mediums to stay visible to existing and targeted customers 24*7 through the touch of a finger.
  • Mobile apps are the best mediums of direct marketing because of their ability to serve your users with just a couple of touches to their mobile screen. Mobile apps multipurpose for them.
  • Easy development of brand, recognition and customer value.
  • According to the best SEO companies New York, hassle-free customer engagement helps your business standout from the competition.
  • Customer experience brand loyalty to stay loyal to your business.

Mobile Apps Store Optimization is Changing:

This is absolutely true! Voice Recognition technology has changed SEO. And it is now also changing the course of ASO (App Store optimization).

But How?

  • People are increasingly interacting with their smartphones on daily basis. They are using voice assistants likeSiri, Google Now, Alexa and Cortana etc. because they no longer want to type on small keyboards of their smartphones.
  • In accordance with the SEO and Web Copywriting Service providers, nearly 61% people are searching for apps in mobile application stores using their natural voice. Voice assistants like SIRI, Google Now, Alexa and Cortana are doing a fantastic job!
  • Nearly 55% teens and 41% young adults are voice searching their favorite apps in mobile app stores because it makes them feel like a tech savvy.


This change in ASO is certainly forcing digital marketers/businesses to focus less on keywords and other things and answer queries in conversational way. Businesses and digital marketers are focusing on seeking the services of professional web copywriting service providers to be able to answer users’ voice based queries in app stores less like a marketer/salesman and more like some publisher or journalist. Most importantly, digital marketers are easily able to seek following vital information from users:

  • Location
  • Personal information
  • Keyword research based on spoken queries
  • Previous searches
  • Context

Moreover, businesses/ Digital marketers are now seriously paying attention towards the number of voice searches in app stores about their apps. They are adding this element to their app store optimization strategy.

And the credit goes to the voice search technology.

Final Thought:

Most of the professional SEO service providers across the world advice businesses to adjust their ASO strategy or practices to ensure business growth. All though voice search for both SEO and ASO is still in its infancy yet optimizing apps for voice search in app stores can help businesses improve their apps ranking for increase in lead generation and conversion into sales.