Imagine you have a party at your home, and all the guests are having a good time. Suddenly, POOF, the lights go off, the music stops, there is darkness, your food was baking in the oven which will now be raw. Kids start crying because of the darkness, and there are hustle and bustle and voices. What to do now? You are a victim of power failure.

Power failure or shortages can happen to the best of us without even acknowledging. You can do nothing in the situation described above. If the power failure is for a short time, then its ok, but, if it’s for hours, then your party is spoiled. The best solution to avoid any such problems in the future is to install a gasoline generator. Choosing a gasoline generator is one tricky task, so you should carefully plan and decide and then buy one. Below are some helpful tips to choose the best gasoline generator.


Never buy your generator in hurry. In some seasons companies put discounts on generators and consumers buy them due to low price without even knowing how to operate. Research thoroughly about the available generators, check that which one is the most reliable company and read reviews. The generator is a lifetime investment so you should take your time in buying it and always take an expert along with you for advice.

Check Your Watts

Before buying a generator check the watts of each appliance requires in your home. For example, a freezer, computers, heaters all require a good amount of current. An electrician will come and measure your appliances and then look for the size which can cater to all your important appliances to avoid overheating or low power.

Portable Or Stand-By

You have the option of both. A portable generator will supply low power and is not suitable for the whole house. While a standby generator can supply power to the whole house. A portable generator should be preferred as it is low in cost and is light in weight.

Transfer Switching

In a portable generator, you can call in your electrician to install a switch to transfer the power to different appliances. For example, if you need to use an appliance which is not on portable generator then through changing the switch you can switch the current towards the appliance.


A gasoline generator should always be installed outside the house by an expert, and it should always be in an open space, never concealed. The generator should be covered from the top in case of rain to avoid electrical problems.

Starting Switch

Gasoline generators come with electrical starting. You can get a switch installed for easy starting in case of power failures.


A generator will stop working in case the gasoline is less than the limit. You should always keep gasoline handy in case of emergency. You can fill the tank before it reaches the limit.


Purchase a gasoline generator with wheels, so you can easily move it around.

These were some tips for you to choose the best gasoline generator. Remember, always call in the experts if there is any issue in your generator or circuits. Never try on your own. One more important thing is always turn on and turn off the generator wearing rubber slippers.