EAGLE is an acronym for Easily Applicable Graphic Layout Editor. It enjoys massive popularity from novice and experienced ECAD users thanks to its simplicity and wide array of ever increasing component libraries. New users can download eagle PCB free version to help them learn how to use its features productively, then upgrade to premium versions.

You can use Eagle PCB software to create or repair graphic boards, TV remote controls, computer hardware, and video game controllers. The good news is you can also use it for your own unique commercial projects since EAGLE PCB files and designs are universally acceptedby major and minor electronics’ producers.

System requirements for Eagle PCB software

Designers with Microsoft computers require Windows 7, 8 or 10 (64-bit version). For optimum clarity, use a 17-inch monitor. Linux users will also require 64-bit version operation systems. One huge advantage of using Eagle is you don’t have to purchase specialized hardware components. All you need is your keyboard and mouse.

4 types of informative resources suitable for novice EAGLEPCB software users

EAGLE is a user-friendly PCBsoftware, however, you still require adequate training for convenient use. The information available in the informative resources mentioned below is free and highly reliable.

1.     Video tutorials

You can watch and learn from informative video tutorials directly from Eagle PCB’s official website. Some of the topics covered are routing the signal, creating the board, checking schematics and 3D PCB circuit assembly.

Student hack: Download a video downloader such as IDM to automatically download all video tutorials available on the website. Doing so helps you minimize internet data costs and allows you to watch them offline.

2.     Informative blog

Eagle PCB website contains an informative blog with useful information targeting new users. The posts have been authored by Eagle developers and respectable online community members,who are eager to lend a helping hand to struggling comrades. Some of the most widely read posts are on PCB routing tips and layout basics.

3.     Free downloadable tutorials

Those in need of well-organized notes that cover basic to complex Eagle PCB functions, in a linear fashion, can download them in PDF format from the official website. Information is presented in catchy formats that make reading fun.

4.     Online community

No man is an island. Eagle’s PCB online community exists so that users can benefit from mutual sharing of information in a fast and convenient platform. Joining this online forum is free and apart from gaining much-needed information, you will also access free customized component libraries from various users.


The simplistic schematic editor on Eagle PCB makes it easy for users to conveniently customize their designs. Learners can also join various social media groups composed of Eagle users since they contain information that’s not available in official online forums. Consistent practice is necessary to transform you from a beginner to an intermediate or expert Eagle PCB user. Accessing information on various user language programs available in various Eagle PCB forums will help you customize your own components’ library.