Recently, Instagram has released new features on its app. Find out how to optimize them for marketing.

In the past 6 years, Instagram has managed to evolve into a more user-friendly and dynamic app. As one of the most popular forms of social networking, it has managed to become a favorite among almost all business in all niches.

The app is a convenient platform to promote products and services. With its latest updates, advertising is bound to become more exciting.

What are the recent changes made by Instagram?

You can link Instagram to the Facebook page of your business.

Instagram gives business owners a chance to make the most out of their social media accounts. Now, you can link your profile to your Facebook page, which makes communication easier. Because of this, your followers can easily go back and forth your FB and Instagram page to get the latest updates, promos, and deals from your company. To further optimize your Instagram account, you can ask Vibbi for assistance.

Instagram Stories are becoming more viral.

Instagram Stories is a great marketing tool in giving live updates or featuring limited promos.

You can give your followers sneak product previews that will excite them the most. You can also give out limited offers through stories. Lastly, you can also use stories to drive traffic to your other social media accounts. These will make them feel more connected to your brand. Be creative in using this feature, and you’ll gain many hearts in no time.

Why are Instagram Stories added by the developers? It is made as a solution to overposting in Instagram. In other words, you can now post as often as you like without flooding your profile or your friends’ newsfeeds.

To use Instagram Stories you first need to tap the plus sign located in the upper left corner of your screen. Then, you can take a photo by tapping the round button once and a video by long pressing the button for 10 seconds. You have the option to doodle on your photo or even add an emoji and a filter. You have more advanced color options by long pressing one of the colors to choose your desired shade.

When done, you can tap the check icon to share your story. You have the option to save your masterpiece by opening it and tapping the three dots found at the bottom right portion. Select the “Save Photo” option.

Finally, you can check who checked your story by swiping up as you view the photo or video. You can tap the x-mark next to the name of someone on your list to block them from seeing your stories. You can also go directly to your “Settings” and choose to hide your Story from certain people.


If you have active followers on Instagram, you can use Instagram Stories and other features of the app to boost your presence and increase your chances of being found online.