With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about finding the perfect gift for your significant other. Chocolate, flowers, and cards are classics, of course, but why not opt for something different this time around? Something a bit more useful and less likely to give you diabetes. We are talking about tech accessories, gadgets, and gizmos which we are sure everyone will love this February.

MyTrendyPhone, a UK company that sells mobile phone accessories, recently conducted a survey in order to find out what their customers would give to their sweethearts on the most romantic day of the year. As it turns out, most of their male customers said that they would purchase a phone case with romantic patterns or a selfie stick for their better halves, whereas the majority of women answered that their partners would probably enjoy receiving an interesting gadget, such as a pair of 3D glasses or a gaming accessory.

Based on the results of the survey, MyTrendyPhone has come up with a couple of ideas you could use this Valentine’s Day.

Ideas for Her

While women do appreciate candy, flowers, and jewellery, they definitely wouldn’t say no to a couple of useful tech add-ons and gadgets – at least MyTrendyPhone male customers seem to think so. According to them, one of the best Valentine’s Day presents is, without a doubt, a protective smartphone accessory, i.e. a case or a cover. Put a couple of roses or hearts on it and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift.

“My girlfriend drops her smartphone all the time, so I think that this is just what she needs. Plus, she loves unique accessories and MyTrendyPhone has more than enough of them,” says T.J.

In case the lady in your life isn’t big on romantic patterns and swirls, and would like something more practical,  treat her to a selfie stick, a quality pair of headphones, or a fitness band. A number of interviewed male MTP customers agreed that a sports accessory is just the way to go.


Ideas for Him

When in doubt, purchase something related to games, consoles, or computers for your man – this is the piece of advice that ladies had to offer in the company’s survey. Whether it is a new keyboard, a gaming mouse, a joypad, or another similar accessory, rest assured that men won’t be disappointed.

“My boyfriend spends a lot of time playing games and he is never afraid to splurge on gaming and computers accessories, so I would certainly opt for that,” says A.M.

Other choices in the survey included quality smartphones and tablets (if you are planning to spend a bit more), 3D glasses, and various interesting Bluetooth gadgets, such as drones and laser keyboards. A couple of women added selfie sticks to the list, too – let’s not forget that men enjoy capturing selfies, as well!

We hope this short guide will help you find that ideal tech gift for your sweetheart!