With the internet overflowing with thousands and millions of websites selling same/similar products and offering the same services, it becomes really important that you gain an edge over your local and global competitors. But how to do so? Like you, thousands other businesses have their websites, ready to attract the attention of the potential customers, thus getting better sales.

But how does a customer decides on a particular business, given the products sold are similar in quality and performance. Well, it is a general tendency to decide on the business by having a look at their website and in most cases, the first impression is the last impression. So, a business that impresses a potential customer with its website often gets the sale. So, what would you do in such a situation? Well, the obvious route would be to make your website impressive.

Impressive website design that will surely steal the show

If you find that the bounce rate for your website is too high, then it is obvious that the visitors aren’t either getting what they want, or they don’t like what they see. If the second reason is true in your case, what you need is a revamp of your web design. Redesigning your website doesn’t really mean that you have to spend a lot of money. Some very important things need to be considered:

Well organized

The very first thing that you should pay attention to is how your pages and its elements are organized. Unorganized web pages make it difficult for the user to find what they are looking for. This can cause them to lose interest in your website. Not only that, it is important that the design of your web pages are neat and clutter-free. Randomly arranged images, videos, tabs, buttons, etc. can make the visitor feel dazed and leave the page as soon as they arrive. Try to use bullet points, headings, etc. to organize your content and your services. Use a gallery to display your videos and images. Use separate sub pages if you have various products/services to sell. One of the most common design layouts preferred in the present times is the grid style.

Subtle yet appealing

Often people make a mistake of adding a lot of colors, flashy and preppy images, etc. thinking that the vibrancy will attract the attention of the visitors. But what happens is quite the opposite. More often than not, people do not prefer websites that are too colorful or bright and get an idea that the sole motive of the owner of the website is to attract unnecessary attention. This is appalling to most people and thus, not quite conducive for your website. So, it is best that you give a professional look to the website, but do not be too gray, or people may find it boring. Use colors and other elements in a subtle way that make your website look nice and interesting, without being over the top.

Proper use of fonts

All the texts on your website, including the content for the pages, navigation texts, etc. must be written in a way that it is easily readable. Using fancy fonts and styles can make it difficult for your audience to make out what’s written and this will seriously discourage them from visiting your website again. If you are using a particular website maker, make sure that it has professional yet attractive fonts that aren’t clumsy, yet look good on your website.

Video backgrounds

Switch over from flash videos to HTML5 videos as your background. The latest developments have made it easier for website builders to add a striking video background that makes even the simplest website look wow. And the video no doubt attracts the attention of the visitors and people often tend to stay longer on a website that has a video in the background than one without.

Interesting landing pages

Another way to entice people is to create a landing page that comes with relevant images and call to action phrases that will make the visitor curious about what’s inside. A good landing page can undoubtedly attract people with even the remotest intention of visiting your website. Creative landing pages significantly boost website visits and lower bounce rate.