There’s a reason developers and web designers such as constantly push the idea of making your website responsive and it’s not just for a bigger pay cheque. Web designers and developers are on the web everyday, whether that’s reading industry news or creating clients websites. This means they are constantly inundated with evidence that there’s huge value in making your website supportive of mobile.

The user experience of those browsing on devices other than desktops should no longer just be an afterthought during the design process. Through your own internet habits, it’s probably becoming apparent that browsing the internet through your mobile is becoming increasingly easier and common. People often treat mobile optimization similar to Social Media, deep down they know it’s probably important but they don’t like paying extra to have it done properly.

The Data

There’s a number of reasons why making your website supportive of mobile is crucial. In one report from 2012, 55% of US people with mobiles use it go online with 31% of those users only going online with their mobile – This stat is likely to have increased significantly in the last few years. Mobile phone use also accounts for 11% of all browsing as the devices have become easier to browse on.

The data and all experts agree, the shift to a mobile dominant internet is well underway.

Keeping up with the Joneses

Whether you like mobile or not, there’s a good chance your competition will already have or will be soon adding mobile responsiveness to their website. Unless your industry is way behind the times, someone in your rival sites will likely be making ground on your customer base by offering responsive mobile browsing.

If your website isn’t responsive – your competitors will get frustrated and go else where.

Long Term Thinking

For many businesses, the cost in the short term is often the biggest factor in any business decision. For mobile optimisation, it can often be an extra unwanted cost added onto an expensive website redesign. However, the range of ways we are connecting to the internet is increasingly becoming broader. By making your website responsive now, you’re website won’t need to adapt to the latest iPads/laptops/watches or mobiles in future. In the long run, it’s likely a responsive site will be a worthwhile investment as people are more likely to purchase from a site they can easily navigate.

A responsive website is an investment but will save money in the long term.