What is web hosting and what are its benefits

When a company or a business chooses to offer their services on an online website, they need the services of a web hosting company. This is the company the offers the services and the technologies that will be running and maintaining the website so that it can be viewed on the internet. Websites are hosted on special servers.

When a client or a user wants to visit your company’s website, all they have to do is to type the company’s URL and the internet will take them to your website through their internet browser. Most webhosting companies will offer you to purchase your own domain if you don’t already have one. There are free and professional web hosting companies. Here are some of the differences between them.


Free or low cost webhosting services will offer customers with the opportunity to launch their sites for free, but usually the customer is lost in the middle of millions of other users. This means poor to no technical support and no security. In many cases the website will be hacked with nobody to do anything about it. These companies benefit from the low costs on the long run by getting a lot of customers who end up with sites that don’t work and maybe sensitive data lost. For this reason, it is always a better option to hire a professional web hosting service that is better at maintaining and reviewing your website at all times.

Customer support:

Many of the low cost web hosting companies will have an overseas customer support team that will actually do nothing in case your site is facing a problem. They will not have a ready-to-work technical support team that will put the things right on track. This means that your data might be violated and your information might be lost. It is important to hire a professional webhosting company to take care of your online business if you want to keep your website safe.

Control of the data or the content:

Professional webhosting companies will grant you full access on what will be included in your website and what it will look like. This might not be the case with free webhosting services who might not give you this type of control. With professional and reliable web hosting services there will be no restrictions on the number of pages that your site has or the content included. But you do that for a fee, of course.

Domain and email:

Free webhosting companies will usually ask their users to use a subdomain that will advertise the webhosting company itself, which robs the company some of its brand identity but might be the only option if the company is low on cash. This is not the case with professional webhosting services that will give the company the chance to use their own unique domain that will keep them distinguished from others.


Professional webhosting companies give the owners unlimited design opportunities and supporting technologies. This means that they have unlimited access to graphic tools that will help them design the website, in addition to infrastructure design opportunities like server to server communication. This will allow the business owner to experiment and choose from different layouts and design options.


Because cloud computing is very important, webhosting companies will offer their clients with bigger storage space and a more dynamic band width that can be adjusted for the growth of traffic in real time. These options are not available when you choose a free webhosting service as the clients will get a pre-determined storage space and bandwidth that can’t be adjusted or altered.

Personalized emails:

Because professional webhosting companies offer special domains they also offer their clients with personalized emails that they can use for their email campaigns and online marketing campaigns. These will help to build brand awareness and will increase the amount of interaction between customers and the brand which will help the brand to grow online and to become more successful. This is an option that free webhosting companies don’t offer, thus depriving businesses from an important marketing tool.

SEO friendly pages:

Although free webhosting companies will claim that they offer SEO friendly pages, the truth is that they do little to affect the ranking in search results. Hiring a professional webhosting company is better because they can manage and optimize your website for SEO purposes which will make it more visible and will help it get a higher ranking in search results. Third party integration that is crucial for this particular purpose is usually unavailable for free webhosting websites. Services like using an e-commerce platform are not available when you choose a free webhosting service. Professional webhosting companies will do a better job at providing you with these services and maintaining your website.