With the current rate of technological advancement, there’s no telling how the devices from present day will look like in 10 or 20 years, however, one can only predict that they’re going to be awesome and, most probably, not in physical form. Gamblers must be already asking how on earth they will read about top online casinos in the future. Just as an imagination exercise, trying to figure out how smartphones will look like in 50 years from now is a highly entertaining thing to do. But before predicting what will happen in the future, there is an immediate need of looking at what was there in the past and how things evolved.

Checking the Past to See the Future

Back in 1980, if someone would have told you that you’d carry a small portable phone all day with you, that individual would be immediately sent to a doctor. A similar thing might have happened in the 90s, by telling someone that such small phone will be able to browse the World Wide Web. And so on until we reach present times. So, you see, it’s all a matter of perspective since only by imagining it, an idea can take form. If you look at today’s smartphone and all the functions it has like playing all sorts of games, surfing the internet, running apps to play free online casino games or even acting as a bank card, you can already say that’s a lot. Well, that’s clearly what they thought in 1980 and 1990! So, what does the future hold?

The Smartphone of 2067

Judging by the behavior of phone users, future phones will rely a lot more on integrating our physical lives with the digital ones. Chances are extremely high that they won’t have anything to do with the current form smartphones possess and they’ll most probably be built-in in other objects like a pair of glasses or any other element on you. What is even more interesting is that we might even be the witnesses of the extinction of phone calls as we knew them. Recent studies show that texting is more popular now. So, the function of voice support for a call won’t be really needed.

Nothing is too far-fetched when it comes to the idea of a smartphone that is being developed 50 years from now. With all the progress in studying the brain and its electrical connections, the thought of a computer-brain interface when you can just install the phone’s software into your brain is definitely plausible. Anything is possible since us humans are capable of such extraordinary things that even telepathy is not entirely out of the question.

No matter how the smartphone of the future will look and function, one thing is certain: it will exist! People have an inner need to communicate and stay in touch with one another and that will drive the development of new technologies for phones, which makes the above predictions even more plausible.