Why Businesses and Consumers are making the Switch to Cloud-based Business Phone Systems

If you haven’t already noticed, although we very much doubt that is the case, there are an increasing number of both businesses and consumers adopting cloud-based applications. The reasons for this movement are straightforward: it is more cost effective and promotes productivity.

This cloud movement has been recently substantiated in a CloudReady Report conducted by Kronos, a workforce management firm. In this report, it was discovered that a whopping 83% of workers would choose to employ cloud-based applications instead of those utilized in-house. Additionally, 64% of workers stated that they consider cloud-based applications to play a significant part in their everyday roles and responsibilities. With these findings, it is not surprising to hear that 79% of these workers also believe that cloud-based applications will continue to grow throughout the next couple of years, due to the direct impact that they have on work place efficiencies.

According to Brenda Morris, General Manager at Kronos, U.K., workers are currently “…freestyling with cloud apps and derive real value from the technology when speed, simplicity, and security are all addressed.”

What is more is that all aspects of your business will improve as a result of implementing cloud-based applications. For example, you can ensure that invoicing, email, business phone services and customer relations management are accessible at any time or place. Talk about convenience!

Having recently chosen to make the switch to a cloud-based business phone setup, Mims Bledsoe, Pie Shop owner, explained how it has improved her business’ efficiencies stating, “You don’t have to be sitting at your office desk. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can connect to the things you use most…so putting your phone system on the could makes just as much sense as having email.”

While convenience and accessibility are definite benefits of switching to a cloud-based business phone system, Bledsoe asserts that the other reason that she chose a BroadConnect business phone solution was because of the reduction in telephone costs that it provided.

For instance, the BroadConnect business phone system that Gibraltar Solutions switched to will save her business a minimum of 30%, when compared to the costs of traditional business phone system offerings.

How is this possible, you ask? Well, quite simply, there are no hardware purchasing or maintenance costs, like you would encounter with an on-premise PBX phone system. On the contrary, Gibraltar Solutions hands the reins over to the experts at BroadConnect and they handle all of the “dirty work”. In the meantime, Gibraltar Solutions and her team only need to concern themselves with logging into the web-based control panel to make service changes, if required, or adjust settings.

Aside from cloud-based Hosted PBX solution offering more convenience, control and efficiencies, such as the one that the IT consultants converted to from BroadConnect, they also provide a drastic reduction in purchasing and maintenance costs.

So, with these realities in mind, it is no wonder that the number of businesses and consumers switching to cloud-based applications continues to grow.