Why Girls who Speak Foreign Languages are More Popular in Colleges?

Have you ever thought about what makes us successful and popular in college? Let us consider in more detail what factors influence on the popularity of girls in college.

It is interesting to know that now girls are outperforming boys in all GCSEs in top universities across the globe,also found that females are more adept at languages than males.More girls are encouraged and motivated to score and perform high so that they enter the top foreign universities across the globe and expand their knowledge. Besides the girls outperforming boys and getting an upper hand in studying at universities across the world and the continents there is a much more interesting arena to it,that is the foreign-language speaking girls are popular. However, how popular girls are learning foreign languages?

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So here is a set of why answers that might help us know why exactly the foreign-language speaking girls are popular.



Speaking that very same language in colleges is like listening to the same very known music. When the boys find a girl speaking a different foreign language,they are attracted to her than with the one speaking the same native language.It is considered that speaking a different language or a bilingual is sexy.For instance in recent times we have heard the news of Bradley Cooper speaking French.How many of the girls had thought it to be sexy? Even a blog page had the topic of this news of finding it sexy.Well the same psychology works here.


The increasing in demand for the person with the known number of languages for both spoken and read-write not only across a particular country or state but across the entire globe is a fact that the young girls excelling in academics so popular. For example, in India there is a surge to take the Japanese proficiency test for the applicants. The same is the case in other countries too, where there is a demand to know the foreign language for survival and excellence.This is a statistical data of the Northwestern University in Chicago,where the number of immigrants are just increasing every year,making not just the students but also the household to speak different languages like Spanish,Arabic,and Hindi etc.


The foreign languages along with their foreign culture and diversity drives in a lot of attention.The way of behavior and morals are for sure not the same as that of the country the girl is residing in. Get to know the culture, is a greater opportunity to know the other language and the kind of people in another part of the world,becomes an advantage for the girls speaking foreign languages.


The other important reason for the popularity is knowing a foreign language can increase the possibility of the vacation spots.Having a friend in gang who can speak the local language of that place,can help you a great deal and build a confidence to travel the unknown part of the world.Vacations are not anymore limited to that nation,but can visit friend and places.Exploring becomes easier and possible. So,when you are that girl speaking a foreign language,friends would love to hangout to different places and travel with you making you popular.


Knowing a second language always makes you smarter.The brain becomes more efficient in processing out the content as two languages are being used for its work. In addition,they have better decision-making capabilities and become more logical and resolvable. This is not just a myth but has been proven through various analysis and statistics.Therefore, people consider the girl who knows foreign languages smarter and it is an instinct to stick with her.