Why Mission Machines Is the Right Phone System for the Startup Office

For some business owners, choosing the right phone system can represent a hefty investment. A myriad of options to choose from can also make this decision overwhelming, even more for those entrepreneurs who have never handled business communications before. So, the key question is: What makes a great phone system for today?s startup offices?

First of all, technology plays a vital role in communications. Phone systems that are designed with latest VoIP technology, and also support analog lines, enable small businesses to enjoy the best of both worlds. (In our opinion, any new business should opt for a hybrid system.) A cost-effective price and rich set of features are also important aspects.

One device that provides startup offices all the qualities mentioned above is the Mission Machines Z-60. The Z-60, a popular phone system used in small business environments, provides remarkable value to small businesses at an affordable price. Do you want to know more information about the Z-60 VoIP phone system? Here is all you need to know about it:


Cost-effective IP Phone system

The Z-60 VoIP phone system package with 4 phones currently costs $990.00 at TelcoDepot.com. This means than for less than a grand you get a unit that supports 6 analog lines and 12 VoIP lines. If it sounds pricey, consider that VoIP technology can cut costs in several ways. First, long-distance calling rates will cost less than with traditional phone systems and you can reduce phone bills up to 50%. Second, you can enable your staff to work from home, as you can install remote phones. Bottom line: This VoIP phone system is easy and inexpensive to maintain.

Advanced Set of Features

One of the greatest benefits of Mission Machines Z-60 telephone system is that it comes loaded with sophisticated capabilities that startups did not have the privilege to enjoy until VoIP technology became mainstream. The Z-60 offers a myriad of features that help businesses provide an exceptional customer service while optimizing internal operations. Intercom, three-way conferencing, line appearances, flexible ring assignment, voicemail (with 32 hours of storage), virtual mailbox and multi office networking are some of the features of the Z-60 phone system.

These are some of its most valuable features:

  1. Automated Attendant provides callers with a list of options that can direct them to the right department without wasting time and effort. It can be easily customized for business hours and after hours.
  1. Voicemail to email allows you to receive your voicemail messages via email, while you are on the go. This is one of the most convenient features for busy business people and companies that receive a high volume of voice messages. Best of all, you do not have to be at your office to check your voicemail.
  1. Caller ID is not a new feature; however, it is overlooked by many businesses.

With a caller ID, you can identify the person or business and phone number that is contacting you. This feature is useful to prioritize business calls.


The Mission Machines Z-60 comes pre-programed, so you can install it yourself by simply reading the instructions or watching the instructional videos. Professional installation can double the total cost of your system.


  • The system supports a maximum of 6 analog lines
  • Even though remote locations are supported, those are not recommended
  • IP phones do not have Gigabit throughput
  • No HD phone models available

Mission Machines vs. XBLUE X16

When comparing the Mission Machines Z-60 with one of the best-selling phone systems from another reputed brand, it is easy to determine that the Z-60 excels in quality and performance. While the extension capacity of the Z-60 can handle up to 50 lines, the XBlue X16 only supports 16. In contrast to the limited auto attendant, holiday mode and day/night schedule of the XBlue X16; the Mission Machines Z-60 delivers these functions with no restrictions. The XBlue X16 does not come equipped with flexible ring assignment, virtual mailbox, voicemail to email, multi office networking, three-party conferencing and remote programing; while the Z-60 does.

Mission Machines Z-60 phone system adds real value to startups and small businesses, since it provides all the features a small business needs at an incredible price. The robust Z-60 VoIP phone system combines the power of VoIP technology and the simplicity of analog lines. This all-in-one solution can be easily self-installed and used out-of-the-box. Do you have any questions regarding the small business phone system? Feel free to write your comments below.


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