Can you always win with a sport betting strategy?

Instead of randomly picking sport games to place your bet, there is a tendency to use a “betting strategy” or “betting system”. Almost all systems are based on a scheme of points of some kind. Those are points that a team receives depending on various aspects like whether or not they are playing at home, their league position, current status, etc. You must know the rules and regulations of the sport in which you decide to bet before developing your strategy. This means that from this moment on you will have to become a true sport aficionado!

It is much easier to win for those who have in-depth knowledge of the sport both as players and spectators. If you have not yet familiarised yourself with the sport you want to place a bet on, you should begin learning ASAP. Only then viewing, analysing matches and visiting special websites like can help you predict the outcome of the game quite easily.

For example, this is how to develop a strategy for betting on football games.

You could watch a betting strategy that works in one football season perfectly, while in the next may fail. This is why whichever fine regularity you have noticed in two or three seasons it could lose effectiveness, even if it was very successful on many occasions.

Many bettors study the leaderboard in order to predict the results of matches. Say, if the home team has 3 points more than the visiting team, it is most probably going to win. This is where you can leap at the opportunity… However, an experienced bettor would do some extra thinking. He or she would use their knowledge of the differences between teams, estimate the average injury rate, etc. and only then balance this against the odds.

 How to have probabilities of winning on your side


The art of betting success is to ensure the long-term profitability of gambling.

In order to get a real “advantage” over the bookmaker, you should analyse well all the possibilities. Moreover, avoid being carried away by emotions; it is a typical thing to hear these days: “My team is the best, they are not going to lose, I trust them ….”

What to do and what not to do with sports odds betting:

– Do not place a bet just because you “wanted to place a bet.”

– Do not waste money placing large bets, since it is always preferable to aim for smaller bets but have perfect timing.

– Do not trust a betting system that causes losses. Even if you’ve designed it, that is no reason to trust the system blindly.

– Keep track of all the bets you place. Some sites, such as allow you to trace bets in a convenient way.

Of course, there does not exist a crystal ball to let you guess all results magically with 100% certainty. Nevertheless, expert forecasters’ systems are capable of increasing your chances to place the right bet rather drastically. Keep trying because Fortune smiles on the bold!