In SharePoint, we all use workflows. They help in business processes implementation on documents and elements in a SharePoint page in order to help people collaborate on documents and concentrate the efforts on task performing and not on a workflow managing. Due to this, company’s productivity and efficiency grows as it helps to keep to business processes by managing the steps involved.

There are some built-in workflows in SharePoint, but unfortunately, they aren’t flexible enough and usually need preliminary training. So, in this article, we’ll examine several more efficient third-party solutions from Virto Software, that require no coding or any other specific skills to start making a profit.

Activities Extension

This is a pack of 270+ custom actions to expand the pre-build activity set in SharePoint Designer. The provided activities are designed specifically to automate business processes making them easy and rapid and increase the company’s efficiency. Moreover, in case you find a missing activity in a set, the developer promises to fulfill it in 3 days after your request. As you see, everything is made to optimize your business.

Workflow Status Monitor

Need a visualization of the created processes? This custom web part will exactly match your needs. It monitors all the running workflows and provides a substantial information about both the item and the source list. Status Monitor also provides an ability to manage and filter workflows, generate a report, and indicates errors, so you can rapidly fix them. No doubt, this is a must-have tool for all types of businesses.

Workflow Scheduler

This tool enables running any SharePoint workflow on a timetable. This makes it possible to set a specific date and time for each workflow from a single site collection and relieve valuable time for important issues rather than managing them manually. The workflows can be started from any system or user account you specified. With no code and specific technical skills, this tool provides an outstanding simplicity, that could be appreciated by many.