In today’s growing world of technology, it can be difficult to keep up with the changes, especially for businesses. With so many devices, programs, and software that businesses use to keep things going, you are bound to run into an issue every now and again. That is why having the best form of IT support is important. At Melrose INC, we are here to get all of your technology questions answered; here’s how.


Melrose INC has the best IT support professionals in the business. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced and ready to help you in all of your technology needs. We know and understand how time-consuming it can be to manage any business and we want to help make things easier on you by providing you with the best IT support we can offer. We are one of the leading NAS servers in Los Angeles and you will not be disappointed in what we can provide.


At Melrose INC, we can also help with your installation and equipment needs, whatever they may be. Our team of professional technicians is able to handle any installation issue that can arise in regards to equipment, software, or apps. Also, we have a variety of types of equipment that can meet all of your needs. With our managed IT support services, you can troubleshoot with us and we can recommend the equipment and products that can best serve you and your business.

Cloud Services

At Melrose INC, we believe in the benefits the Cloud can have for businesses. We promote the advantages of having the Cloud and using it for all of your storage needs. We can help you learn more about the Cloud and how it can work for you, as well as helping you set up and manage your data.