There is the great news for the users of the Windows smartphones. Zapya, which is one of the most widely used free file transfer app worldwide is now available for the Windows platform. Zapya is an extremely popular file transfer app and is currently being used by over 300 million users all over the world. The Windows smartphone users had been waiting for this app for a while and now it is available to them.

If you are a Windows phone user and have been experiencing difficulty sharing files with the other devices, you will not face this challenge anymore. Zapya is an incredible tool which lets you files between phones very quickly. The phones between which the files have to be shared just need to be in the close proximity. The file transfer process is lightning fast. This means that the Windows phone user will no longer need to rely on the old and slow methods of file transfer such as Bluetooth, although now they can easily download Zapya for PC through an emulator. In fact, the file transfer between devices could be as fast as up to 50 times of Bluetooth. This is truly remarkable.

One of the biggest advantages of using Zapya is that you do not need any Wi-Fi or mobile network connection. This app establishes connectivity between the two phones very easily and shares the file at a very high speed. However, the phones have to be close to each other (about 20 meter radius). This means that there are no data charges at all while using the phone. You will not be using the data provided by your mobile operator or the bandwidth of the Wi-Fi network. Also, you can easily sidestep the long drawn process of connecting the phones to the computer or laptop with a USB cable to transfer the files.

Whether you want to share the large video files, office documents, songs, or photos, you can easily do that using this app. The size of the file does not matter as this app is capable of sharing large files with relative ease. You just need to make sure that the devices that need to share the files have this app installed and active. The app will search for the devices nearby and try to establish a connection. Another device with Zapya installed will detect that a phone is trying to connect and the user can then either allow the connection or deny it. Once the connection is built, any number of files can be shared.

You can get a fair idea of the speed of transfer; a file size of as big as 1 GB can be easily transferred in less than 10 minutes. This kind of speed is definitely very difficult to achieve using the mobile network and even Wi-Fi. Even if you get this kind of speed there are data charges. This app also makes the file transfer process quite hassle free. Just a few taps on the phone and it becomes ready to send and receive files.

You can use this app to share content and files with devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android devices, tablets, Windows Phones, PCs, and Mac devices.

If you are looking for an alternative of Zapya, then we would suggest you to use Shareit which can be found easily in everyone’s smartphone simply. The app features similar features to Zapya and gives you quick transfer speed. The good thing is that you can download SHAREit for PC using Bluestacks. The app offers good compatibility between phone and PC.

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