Want to know what the secret of highly productive and profitable businesses are? It could be one of the following tools:

1.     YouNeedABudget.com

Running a business involved doing a lot of accounting. If you hire an accountant for the small and tedious tasks, you will be overrunning your budget. Instead, use a tool like YouNeedABudget. It is a program for individual and business users to help manage resources. This will be ideal to keep your books organized if you are running a small business. You can try the software for free for the first 30 days and only buy it if you like it.

2.     GetFlix.com

GetFlix is a VPN service provider. If you don’t already know, a VPN is a virtual private network that can connect you to the internet discreetly. There are some benefits VPNs can offer businesses. For example, VPNs can make connections to the internet more secure and anonymous. For example, if you are using public Wi-Fi on an office phone, the vulnerable nature of the connection will make your entire office network vulnerable to hackers. Use a VPN to prevent security breaches, bypass geographical restrictions, and encrypt the files you send over the internet.

3.     ScheduleOnce

Running a business can be a nightmare without proper organization. Calendar organization is very important and also difficult. ScheduleOnce is a free online tool that will help you manage your appointments digitally. It quickly syncs with Google Calendar and the user interface is extremely easy to use. You can get multiple calendar options, meeting reminders and other features with the premium version that costs only $5 a month.

4.     Skype

If your company’s employees are not communicating via Skype, then they are probably wasting a lot of time emailing each other and holding meetings. Skype makes office communication easy and fast so your employees can be more efficient. No more time wasted running from desk to desk. Businesses can hold conference calls with employees located at multiple destinations (even abroad) on Skype. The service is almost entirely free to use as well.

5.     PicMonkey

How much time do your social media people spend editing images? Modern businesses often have to edit pictures for online publishing, advertisements and so on. PicMonkey is a free online image editing tool that makes this process much faster and smoother. The premium version includes cool perks like rare fonts that you can get for $33 per year.

6.     Infusionsoft

Providing customer service can be a labor-inducing, time-consuming and expensive process. Unless you automate at least part of your customer service tasks, the overall effort will be very inefficient. This is where software like Infusionsoft comes in. You can use this tool to automate certain aspects of marketing, managing emails, and customer outreach. The overall effect is a leaner and meaner customer relations effort.

7.     Shopify

If you run a company that sells products online, the heart of your e-commerce platform will be the shopping cart and the checkout process. The more powerful the checkout process is, the higher your site’s conversion rate will be. Shopify is pretty much the best e-commerce software provider out there. You can arrange orders, payments and manage inventory, among other things, using Shopify. Plus, this incredible service only costs $29 per month, including the transaction fees.

8.     Google Drive

Cloud is right now the best way to store and access your company’s files. Google Drive is a solid cloud service that integrates with many applications and provides 15 GB of free storage. You can access your company’s data anytime from anywhere using Drive. The cloud storage platform is also accompanied by Google Docs, which allows you to create and edit word documents, excel files and presentations online.

9.     Moz

All online marketing professionals must have Moz, a suite containing all the tools for advertising online and creating content for pros. The suite comes with some features and an array of associated products and services. You can also collect valuable data such as how your site may rank compare to others. Moz costs $99 per month, which is a price well worth the perks offered.


Use this event creation tools to create business-related gatherings, meetings, and networking events. It can also find your company local events that may prove to be great marketing opportunities. It’s free to use. You can host a group for just $5 a month.

Use the above tools to make your company more efficient, productive, and less labor intensive.