10 Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best of all the phones released in the year. It even surpasses the iPhone 5 in some features. Let’s take a look at what makes it so above the rest.

samsung galaxy s 3 reviews


1. Large Display

Its large display of 4.8 inch screen and also Super Amoled display of  1280 x 702 pixel resolution, good graphic quality.

2. Direct Call

In case, you got a text and you are too bored to type a reply or feel it is better to call instead of texting back you can use this excellent direct call feature. All you need to do is, lift the phone near your ear or face and it will automatically call the person. There is no need to tap on the display.

 3. Smart Stay with Eye Tracking

The screen will be on until you stop looking at it. The front camera of the phone will recognize whether you are looking at it or not and the phone will react according to your activity. This technology works really well and sure is a head turner.

 4. S Voice

This is a voice recognizing system like the Siri on its rival iPhone 4S. It listens to your voice and acts as per your commands. It can control and click the camera, control the volume and perform many other tasks..

5. All Share Cast

If you want to connect your smart phone to a large screen like your TV you can use this feature All Share Cast and all you need to do is to plug in the HDMI cord.  You can avail this feature through Wi-Fi.

 6. S Beam

You can now transfer files around 10 to 15 MB quickly between two Galaxy S3 devices with S beam. It is a modified version of the ICS based NFC service.

7. Pop Up Play

You can now play a video even while texting or using any other app. The smart phone will play the video on top of any application. You can place the video wherever you want and also resize it, however the feature is restricted only to the videos stored in the device.

 8. Buddy Share

This App recognizes your friends in the snaps that are clicked using Samsung Galaxy S3. It will share the photos with the friends who are tagged and recognized automatically.

 9. Camera shortcut

There is a shortcut to launch the camera on Samsung Galaxy S3. All you need to do is tap on the screen and hold it and then rotate it to activate the camera app. It really is helpful but sometimes the camera be launched unnecessarily if you are not careful.

 10. Smart Accessories

Samsung has launched many accessories along with the Galaxy S3 smartphone. The list includes the All Cast wireless dongle, the Wireless Charging Kit, S Pebble MP3 player, battery charging stand and flip cover.

Sounds exciting aren’t it? So, what are you waiting for go grab the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and enjoy its features.


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