Having trouble staying motivated in the office? You’re not alone. Whether you work in social media or at a medical clinic like ThriveMD, staying productive for hours a day can be tough. Here are a few tips for maintaining productivity in the workplace.

  1. Delete Social Media

In order to stay productive at work, you don’t necessarily need to permanently delete social media – but you should consider deleting or restricting access to social media apps on your phone during the hours at which you need to be focused on work. Even if you don’t think they are that much of a distraction or you think you can limit your use on these sites, it doesn’t take much to get distracted, and before you know it you could be an hour deep into scrolling your Instagram timeline instead of doing important work. Either deleting social media apps during the workday or leaving your phone out of easy reach while doing important tasks is one of the biggest ways you can increase your productivity and reduce the risk of becoming distracted.

  1. Listen to Music

Find yourself getting bored or allowing your mind to wander when you should be doing work? Listening to music can be helpful (if you work in a role that allows you to do so). Hitting play on your favorite album or a new playlist can provide just enough background noise to keep you entertained and to keep wandering thoughts at bay while you do your daily tasks, without being as distracting as other media. Just consider making a special work playlist or limiting how often you listen to certain favorite albums in order to avoid associating certain music with the workday.

  1. Make a To Do List

In order to keep yourself on track to being productive and accomplishing everything you need to during a busy day at the office, consider starting each work day by making a thorough to-do list (or several), and keeping it on display while you work. This will organize your thoughts and priorities and keep you from forgetting important tasks; plus, checking items off of your list throughout the day and having a visual reminder of how much work you have gotten done will make you feel more productive, and leave you feeling ready to do even more.