Smartphones are one of the most remarkable inventions of the 21st century. There are many features in a smartphone, but the presence of mobile apps makes it worthy enough for our pockets and handbags. If there were no considerable advancements in the mobile app development field, a smartphone would behave more or less like a regular phone. The usefulness of the various mobile applications has catered to professionals and the common man on different levels. For instance, the app for our blind community speaks to them, warning about the objects ahead of them. It can communicate the type and color of the objects through voice.

There is a large population of elders in the United States who are now well-aware of this technology and its benefits. Most of them know how they can easily communicate with friends and family through video chat. Furthermore, there are other positives that we can associate with this little intelligent gadget which is mostly a screen having invisible buttons.

Mobile app development becomes worthwhile when there is a purpose, a goal that positively affects the lives of others.

  1. Pillboxie – The Mobile App developed for Prescription Drugs Management

Caring for elders when they are suffering from some ailments gives our memory a run for its money. Pillboxie rescues us from jogging our memory every time it is time for the daily dose. Usually, there are separate pills for illnesses, but this app allows the convenience to set reminders, so we never miss our pills. After using this app, we will not have to worry about being forgetful or lazy because it also beeps even when the phone is offline or asleep. As a tech-oriented senior, it must be part of the apps installed on your smartphone. Moreover, if we are caring for an aging loved one, and we don’t want to miss their doses, I highly recommend this application.

Available on – iPhone and iPad

Subscription Fee – $0.99

  1. Crosswords Classic for Killing Time

When we are old, we have more time to think and do things we always wanted to do. Crosswords Classic is one mobile app

that is highly engaging and keeps the brain active. When we are thinking and trying to solve a puzzle, it means our neurotransmitters are always at work. It not only kills time but also gives the brain a meaningful exercise – overall good for mental health. Crosswords Classic offers a wide variety of puzzles with new updates every day. I would recommend it for the best use of idle time.

Available on – Android systems, iPhone, iPad

Subscription Fee – $9.99

  1. Red Panic Button – Double Tap It in Tough Times!

Familiarizing ourselves with the latest applications and trends in technology is benefitting indeed. Look at this app for instance. It is a life-saver when the seniors are alone and all by themselves. When the caregiver steps out to run an errand, or perform any other chore, the Red Panic Button resumes duty in their place. We know we can’t leave them alone, and even if we do, we always worry about them. Red Panic Button solves that problem in exchange for some subscription charges, but that is equally justifiable looking at the way it facilitates the seniors. It is like a breath of fresh-air for the primary caregivers. God forbid, if something happens, the seniors can double tap the app and press the red button in the center. It dispatches immediate help to the address entered in it. The sense of safety and its ability to diminish stress levels makes this tool worth paying for.

Available on – Android, iPhone, and iPad

Subscription Fee – $2.99 with additional charges to activate a few features

  1. Skype – Stay Connected

It is a multidimensional app when it comes to functionality. Skype has become a household name, presently, because it has been there since the late 90s. It has long been here giving us a chance to talk to our loved ones, family, friends, colleagues, customers, and see them right on our smartphone screens. Yes, the video chat allows the seniors to look at their kids and their grandkids who are far away.

Time has become a rare commodity. Thus, even if we are living close to our senior family members (mom, dad, grandma), it is hard for us to meet them. Adding Skype to the family of applications better facilitates us to connect with friends and family. Mobile app development companies should focus on improvising the tools for better communication and interaction. Innovation to improve the quality of communication is always welcomed.

Available on – Android, iPhone, and iPad

Subscription Fee – FREE

  1. Magnifying Glass With Light – Mercy on the Eyes!

With age, it becomes difficult to read or write. It happens because our eyesight deteriorates with time. We have ‘Magnifying Glass With Light’ app to make old age fun and survivable. Installing it on the phone means we can read newspapers, books, and magazines without stressing our eyes. It is a feast for the eyes without a doubt. In addition to the magnification, the flashlight feature sheds light on the reading material in front.

Mobile App development paves the way for a better and safer future. However, the fast pace at which the technology is changing can be overwhelming at times. As long as we have a smartphone and know our way around it, the apps mentioned above can get us through the troubling times.