We’re living in an increasingly connected and technologically advanced world where everything is intertwined and anything seems possible. The smartphone has become an essential part of our lives and it is used for almost every task whether it is communicating, shopping, reading, playing or trading.

Apps have therefore become trendy tools, and while some of them are helping us perform basic daily tasks, others are completely transforming the way we live our lives.

The most interesting apps available are those that become a “necessity” for our daily routine. They help us become more organised, productive, efficient and less stressed. They offer us a way to focus our energy on what’s truly important. So, which apps can potentially change your life in 2019?

 ActionDash (Google Play)

This app allows you to track the number of hours you spend on your smartphone each day.

Knowing what applications you use the most will to help you better control (and reduce) the time you spend on your phone and ultimately, spend more quality time with your friends and family.

Gbox – Toolkit for Instagram (Google Play & App Store)

This app is a must for all Instagram users. Gbox is a comprehensive toolbox for those who want to take their Instagram account to another level and boost their social game.

Almahfaza Trading Platform (Google Play & App Store)

 The Almahfaza app will give you the best trading app experience. The advanced trading tools offered include Economic Calendar, the Almahfaza WisdomHub Live Feed to help you decide what asset to invest in next, and world-class safe and robust trading platforms, among many others.

Almahfaza is definitely the broker to turn to if you want to be successful when trading more than 200 assets on the go.

Evernote (Google Play & App Store)

 This app is going to be the tool that helps keep your customised notes organised. Through the different note formats offered, Evernote helps you prioritise your ideas, tasks, and to-do lists so that you never forget anything ever again.

Swiftkey Keyboard (Google Play & App Store)

Swiftkey will help you type faster.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence, this smart keyboard app will help you become more efficient when typing on your phone as it learns from your writing style. Promising better and accurate autocorrection, this is the app all typers should choose this year!

Strides (App Store)

 This app will help you ride off bad habits and meet your new life goals by building a great daily routine.

Strides guides you to set better goals using the SMART method through a 3 simple-step process. More than that, this app will help you stay motivated and inspired whilst aiming to achieve your goals.

InsightTimer (Google Play & App Store)

 This app gives you access to a huge free guided meditation library to help reduce any stress in your life.

Not only does it teach you how to meditate, this app also offers a meditation timer and courses and talks about how to better your sleep. Bonus feature? It has free charts to track your progress!