Data is the lifeline of all marketing activities, be if for emails, content marketing, or for that matter, PPC campaigns. More importantly, data helps you find answers to questions such as whether your current marketing strategy is worth putting in your mind and money. Not to mention it enables you to identify weaker points in your marketing strategy.

That said all kinds of data are not valuable. Some data are more useful than the other, and it is also essential to nail down key metrics to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns based on data.

Thankfully, there are analysis tools available. Free tools, however, won’t help you much. On the other hand, subscription tools offer a full range of functionalities. Go for the ones that provide you enough data to run your campaigns successfully.

Here, take a look at these five marketing analysis tools.

#1. SE Ranking

Analyzing your competitors is the warp and woof of all businesses. It gives you newer insights to manage and grow your business. The SE Ranking Competitor Research Tool, for example, helps you figure out your main competitors, the different points they are using to generate traffic and leads from, the keywords and ads they are applying for paid search and more.

Plus, features like rank tracker and website audit helps you keep a constant check on the performance of your website in comparison to your competitors. Plus, the Page Changes Monitoring feature helps you monitor the design, structure, and the CTAs of the landing pages of our rivals.

#2. Pardot

Businesses bet on email marketing because for every $1 spent you earn $44 in return. But then, to make the most of your email campaigns, it’s essential to pick the right platform. This is where tools like Pardot could prove useful. In addition to running email campaigns, the device offers a lot of analytics about your website’s click-through, open rates, popular content, popular landing pages, favorite emails and more. This will help you come up with a detailed report on key performance metrics on different content pieces.   GoodFirms has listed top email marketing software companies to take your email marketing efforts to the next level.

#3. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a cutting-edge Web and Mobile Analytic tool that offers comprehensive insights into audience behavior on your website or mobile app.

You can gather insights based on individual features as well.  The best part? All these features are available on the app without a single line of code. Which means, even a non-technical person will be able to use your site or an app.

Enterprises use the app, but then, even small businesses can take advantage of it because of their low prices. If you are running a site or an app that’s too complicated, use Mixpanel.

#4. CrazyEgg

Crazy’s egg’s heat map data is quite incredible in terms of marketing analytic insights. It precisely tells you where your users are currently focusing on your site, which, in turn, helps marketers gain valuable insight into audience behavior.

The tool traces the elements of the page that users are interested in visiting often, which helps create a heat map visualization of this behavior over some time.

Plus, Crazyegg is also quite capable of measuring the scroll depth of your web pages, and also revealing the exact point the users start losing attention. This feature is called attention metrics.

Further, it tells you the locations from where your site is gaining maximum clicks. Besides this, the tools offer granular data and reports about users, which could be used to update the profile of your audience.

Both small and big business should take advantage of CrazyEgg. Take the guesswork out of user behavior by collecting the actual data and then working on it, which could significantly impact your conversion rates.

#5. Clicktale

This is again meant to measure Website Interactions. No doubt Google analytics so far has been popular with businesses. However, Clickable is emerging as a reliable competitor.  The tool offers behavioral analysis, in addition to optimization tools that assist companies in maintaining the flow of the websites.

The company offers features such as path analytics that enables clients to effectively track the path users are taking through their website, in addition to areas that attract highest concentration of clicks, areas that are ignored and a lot more.

What’s more, Clicktale helps personalize user experience by assisting you in website optimization and also addressing your audience’s needs well.

#6. BuzzSumo

Sure, it’s not easy to measure social media despite a gazillion tools available at our disposal. But then, BuzzSumo can bring a laser-focus approach to social media analysis with Buzzsumo. You can easily find what’s resonating with the audiences with the help of this tool.

The tool offers you a comprehensive report about the topics that are trending across major social media channels. You can track data for a while – be it last 12 or for the last several months. This will help you arrive at the most trending topics in your industry.

Further, the tool offers advanced functionalities such as keyword search operators, content type filters, and so on. You can download this data to a spreadsheet to understand the data in greater depth and then use that as a base for your next project.

Content marketers, social media specialists, and bloggers should try this out given that it helps them keep up with the trending topics in search and even narrow down the best content pieces available online.  

#7. Curalate 

If you are focusing on social to grow your business, try Curalate. The tool helps you use social content to sell online.  You can take advantage of user-generated content to engage readers. The tool allows you to analyze what customers, influencers and fans are talking about you via images and videos. Further, you can also track product users share on different social media channels.