8 Ecommerce Apps Offering Immersive Experience to Shoppers

More and more people are turning to their smartphones and tablets for shopping. From clothing products to movie tickets, everything is now bought through mobile; it is turning out to be the easiest and the most convenient way to shop.

Mobile shopping facilitates consumer convenience, allowing them to shop anytime from anywhere – while standing in a queue or waiting to catch a train or simply when relaxing on your couch! But despite the sheer convenience of this medium, not all eCommerce retailers have seen success with it.

Designing a layout that is hard to navigate or using links instead of call-to-action buttons will deter mobile users and make them uninstall your app in the first use itself. On the other hand, if your app-design is user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, offers clear search and filter options and has prominently positioned calls-to-action buttons, your app will resonate with your target audience.

Here is the list of eCommerce apps offering best in class UX:

  1. Amazon


This is a must have app on your smartphone if you frequently shop from Amazon!

This app provides almost all the features that the site offers, making shopping on mobile a breeze. It runs very smoothly on both iOS and Android devices.

The product catalogue on the app includes millions of digital and physical products allowing you to shop or simply check prices and reviews of these products. With ‘1-click ordering’ feature on the app, you can buy items with a single click.

This app easily finds the item you are looking for when searching via keyword search or texting a picture. It does a brilliant job of providing complete details about the product to mobile shoppers. It even features deals of the day and lightening deals.

  1. eBay


It gives a world-class shopping experience to Android and iPhone users. The eBay app is packed with features that make it easy for smartphone users to browse, buy or sell products from anywhere.

It does a brilliant job by offering user-centered and customizable search and filter options to mobile shoppers.

This app is especially useful if you are travelling and in the process of bidding for a ‘hard-to-find’ item. Even selling any of your items on eBay is easy with the app. It even sends customizable alerts about your items and activity.

The quick and easy access to products plus the fact that it will send you notifications on auctions, watched items and eBay sales makes this a ‘must’ have app in your app library.

  1. Fandango


No more standing in long lines at the theatre to buy tickets!

This is a movie ticketing app that is designed to be easy to use. Movies are neatly organized and fall into different categories based on genre, MPAA rating + format, etc.; this makes it easy for you to browse movies, read reviews or synopsis, watch trailers and see cast and director bios.

This app offers seamless checkout which gives mobile customers the ability to purchase tickets directly through PayPal, credit card or Fandango gift cards easily.

The app is also highly useful for people who want to watch a movie on the spur of the moment. Simply filter the list on the app by ‘Next Hour’, choose a movie at the local theatre, make a purchase and enjoy the show!

  1. ExpediaHotels & Flights

Expedia Hotels & Flights

A beautiful well-designed functional app that lets you book hotels and/or flights!

Expedia’s app is content-rich; it provides the best information about vacations and hotels at your fingertips. This app gives smartphone users the ability to research, plan and organize their trips on go. Using the smartphone’s inbuilt GPS, the appeven offers helpful suggestions for places to stay, availability at nearby hotels and things to do.

It even lets you share itineraries with family and friends via email or text message in a single-click. Moreover, it provides essential details like map views in hotel searches and guest reviews to help you, when you are travelling through unfamiliar places.

What more? This app sends you notifications for flight delays as well as gate changes while you are rushing to airport.

  1. Asos


Thisapp is stylishly designed with a strong emphasis on UX and images. Reports suggest that to boost conversion rates, retailers must use quality images for all its products. Asos gets it right by showcasing its products with high-quality imagery on the app and even offers features like zooming.

The latest version of this app offers super easy checkout by allowing shoppers to add a new credit card with camera card scanner.

Asos at times offers some discounts or promo codes for shoppers shopping through their app. Push notifications alert mobile shoppers whenever the sales start and end to ensure they don’t miss a chance to shop at best prices.

  1. Fab.com


Great shopping app!

Fab is certainly a novelty/specialty store so you shouldn’t expect it to be Amazon, but nevertheless, the selection and stock is fantastic.

The app is well-built with good continuity; as you navigate between pages, your place is not lost, and if you exit and re-enter the app, your cart is not emptied. This is one of the few shopping apps that won’t make you wish you had rather used your laptop for shopping.

This app offers simple interface, nice organization of products, intuitive menus and quick checkout to its users. It even updates you when special and new items are available; it even sends suggestions based on your past search and likes.

  1. Amway


The Amway Business App makes the world of Amway available to Independent Business Owners (IBOs) quickly and easily, at their fingertips.

If you are an IBO of Amway, you can conductall your businessright through your smartphone by using this app. It offers a versatile range of functions to its users includingproducts purchase, volumes check, customer registration, track bonus levels, track points required to reach next level, access training material, check information and a lot more!

When it comes to payment, the Amway Business app ensures all its transactions are encrypted, secured and password protected.

  1. GrubHub


Are you hungry but feeling lazy to start your car and drive down to a restaurant?

Here is a well-designed food-ordering app to solve your problem!

This app provides information about different menus and cuisines of various restaurants near you in an easy-to-locate manner. If your GPS is enabled, it gives details about various local restaurants near you. You can even read reviews before ordering your food. The mobile app features ‘Track Your Grub’, GrubHub’s system for providing diners with real-time notifications and order mapping.

It even lets users save their past orders so that next time they can reorder it in just a few taps.

The above mentioned eCommerce apps are some of the best. Take a cue from all of them to set up your own app so that your mobile visitors can make purchases quickly and efficiently on their smartphones, thereby increasing your profits.

Author Bio:

Vivek Patel is the content marketer at MoveoApps, an android app development company. He writes about mobile applications, technology and analyzes current technology market scenarios and loves to share his ideas on the web. You can follow him on Twitter @VivekrPatel.