About Nokia Lumia 900


Nokia Lumia 900 is a smart phone which is operated by windows

Nokia Lumia 900 is a smart phone which is operated by windows and it was launched this year on 9th of January by Nokia and it also got the best smart phone award in January at consumer electronics show. It has 4.3 displays, 4G LTE support, and AMOLED 800×480 touch screen which are available in colors of black, white, cyan and magenta. Key features: The features are totally different from Nokia Lumia 800 as 900 has superior battery capacity, 4G LTE support, front camera and it also helps to take picture from video call. Software: It comes with exclusive an application which is not found in other windows phone. It has Nokia drive, Nokia maps, Nokia music. Also in April it has been updated with other apps as Nokia transport, creative studio, and tune in radio.


This phone imaging seems like taken from Samsung Galaxy S II and apple I phone 4S. It comes with 8 mega pixel camera with rear shooter which gives pure view of the image. It has f/2.2 carl zeiss lens like other Nokia phones. Nokia Lumia 900 has the general layouts of buttons and has dedicated camera keys, power button, and volume rocker. Speakers are joined beautifully into hull, micro USB socket and headphone jack of 3.5mm has uncovered ports. Micro SIM can be accessible. Though it has great features but somewhere it disappoints. It is a mid ranger set. It has sun spider score; WP bench results were not good. Web browsing is through internet explorer app and it takes time to open the full website. Every time you need to zoom in and out to check the website. If we compare this phone with other Lumia’s then we will find it is not that very special from others, it is impressive of course but one should keep in mind its various drawbacks when compared to other phones.


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