As a small business owner, you are always trying to strike a balance between cost, performance, reliability, and security. Shared Website Hosting is the cheapest option, easy to manage and configure but it has its own limitations such as hard limits on server resource utilization and email delivery challenges. Hosting a website on Dedicated Server is more expensive and also a bit more complicated to manage and maintain, but on the other hand, you will enjoy a faster load time and better overall performance compared to a shared website hosting. If your online presence is important to you and your website is taking way too long to open or not reliable, then you are losing business and it is time to upgrade your hosting plan to a dedicated server. This article breaks down the advantages of hosting your website on a dedicated server:

Secure: Since you are the only user on the Dedicated Server you do not have to worry about cross-site contamination and other user activities that might impact your website performance negatively. Since you have full access to the server you can implement your own security measure. Install the latest applications and apply security plugins. Dedicated server hosting makes your life easier to become PCI or HIPPA complaint as you have all the access to make the necessary configuration and implement adequate security measures in place.

Reliable email: All your emails will be sent out from your very own dedicated IP address. It will significantly reduce the chance of IP blacklisting. You can also take advantage of a professional email protection service (SpamExperts) with almost 100% filtering accuracy. It filters out unwanted and harmful emails before it gets to your inbox.

Enhanced Performance: Since you are the only client on the server you can take advantage of the entire processing power and other resources. For high traffic websites or applications dedicated server is an ideal solution as all the server power and resources are at your disposable.

Supports more applications and offers more freedom: your hands are open to installing different PHP versions, install multiple DBs and configure them as you like. You are no longer limited to the applications preconfigured on the website hosting platforms.

High Performance: Your server is running on enterprise Dell hardware and your data is stored on super fast SSD drives. Fully redundant network design ensures the high availability demands of today’s business. Cirrus Tech is also connected to the Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX) to improve performance and to keep local data traffic local.

Flexibility: When ordering a dedicated server you normally have the option of customizing your resources based on your requirements for instance if you require a faster storage you can go with SSD or NVME, or if your application requires 64GB or 128 GB memory, or if you are doing a big data project you can upgrade your CPU.

Reliable Backup solutions: you can take a backup through your control panel and store it on the server itself or back it up to your local computer. You also have an option to subscribe to our remote backup plan or any other cloud backup solution provider.

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