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Android apps privacy sites is ceased

Privacy sites of Android apps has been ceased by US in copyright crackdown
The access to three websites which are presenting pirated copies of apps (Android) has been ceased by US authorities. “It is the first time where website domains of a cell phone app are seized,” said Department of Justice. The three websites involved are, and

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Facebook Increased number of Users for its App in Android and iPhone

Social media has become famous in past few years and is now everywhere. Half of the world population is on Facebook or other social media sites like twitter, my space, cloud, Google. The strange thing is most of them are not actually doing or playing any vital role but they want to be a part because they are interested in other’s life and it seems this medium is very good to stay in touch with new friends and old friends with whom we have lost contact over the period of time.

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Apple patent battle Samsung fight back

There is being a tug –o-war between Samsung and apple. Apple and Samsung are in court battle and a rivalry is going on between the two companies related to patent of email, photographs and wireless 3G technology. Samsung is being offended by the allegations apple has placed over it. Dr Woodward Yang, Harvard engineering professor, said Samsung patented features for mobile phones are same like apple. It includes the process of emailing photos. He was the first witness of Samsung and said apple patents are been violated by Samsung phones and tablets.

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About Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900 is a smart phone which is operated by windows and it was launched this year on 9th of January by Nokia and it also got the best smart phone award in January at consumer electronics show. It has 4.3 displays, 4G LTE support, and AMOLED 800×480 touch screen which are available in colors of black, white, cyan and magenta.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1- A big hit in U.S

Samsung galaxy Notes are already hitting the market from long time and every month or quarterly Samsung are coming up with more updates which makes people crazy to buy. Even if a person has a note he tries to sell his previous one to buy a new one. Some are so fanatical that they don’t mind changing their gadgets every six month or quarterly. Samsung galaxy note series is dynamic and has lured lot many by its style and features. Buyers prefer galaxy note over other note because they just love it.

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HTC One S is unique and different from HTC one series. This S has usually a high end camera with 8 mega pixel which is not to be seen in other android phones. This phone has a latest android version. It has a great dual core processor and it’s sleek in design. As every thing has pros and cons so this one also has some drawbacks which is quite negligible like it lacks microSD slot and in some parts of Europe there are some issues with the quality of call.

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Top 10 smart phones Ruled By Android

Here are some of the top 10 phones which are ruled by Android:

1) HTC One S- The design of this cell is ultramodern and it has an amazing camera with 8 mega pixel with image sense. The dual-core processor of this camera is very strong with ice cream sandwich of 4.0. Price range is $499 which is worth with its features.

2) Samsung Galaxy Nexus-With little high in price than previous one, starts from $579 has its own unique features. It has curve display and speed is very fast with updated ice cream sandwich. Android version is up-to-date. It’s sleek in design with excellent AMOLED display.

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Mobile blog

What a great thing of Blogging from a mobile device. It sounds different…but now you can do blogging from your mobile device wheteher you are in Eiffel tower or traveling you can blog from your cell phone. It is such a great pleasure to share your thoughts with the whole world with an ease.

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I Phone Blog

Those who were waiting for I-phone 5 there waiting has been over with I-phone 4 S-the most upgraded version of I-phone with 8MP camera. This I-phone is slim, sleek with wedge-shaped design. One can say it’s a new spin with an old phone which doesn’t excite much for those hoping for I5 but still have an ability to impress I-phy lovers. It is a phone which comes with fastest processor with wide storage capacity. Apple declares this phone as the most amazing phone ever launched by apple. It has the newest operating system iOS 5 with introducing voice activated intelligent assistant named as Siri.

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