It is an understatement to say that planet Earth is dying. Keeping it clean and green is every body’s basic responsibility. But to keep it green and clean does not mean that you have to completely keep off technology. You can reduce the carbon footprint while still satisfying the tech hunger in you. Here is a list of top 5 Eco friendly mobile phones that keep you connected and also keep it green.

1.Nokia EC509 Green Core

Nokia EC509 Green Core

With the intention to save the environment, the mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has designed this eco friendly mobile phone. The green phone Nokia EC509 from Nokia was designed by Matteo Trisolini. This phone comes with a PRT packaging carton; this can be used again when the phone is sent to the manufacturer for service. The green features of this phone include recycled PET screen cover, LED battery indicators and rubberized areas. What keeps this phone going is not a battery but kinetic power. It has a hole, used to spin and charge the phone. It is the greenest handset around.

2.      Sony Ericsson Aspen


This is a green phone powered with Windows that is great for business and the environment as it comes with a Green Heart credential. It is made with recyclable materials, the plastic obtained from discarded bottles; optical discs etc are used to make the plastic needed for the phone. The QWERTY keypad, social networking features, multi tasking capabilities come with a green heart credential. It has good multimedia features, lots of connectivity options and responsive resistive touch display. It is a power saver and has eco mate app for the socially responsible users.

3.LG Remark


This is a cute little eco friendly phone for messaging and it will definitely appeal to those who are looking for a budget phone with green credentials. It is made of 19% recovered plastic and also post consumer materials. The handset is on the whole 87% recyclable. It has low levels of PVC and brominated flame retardants, two materials that are targeted on green electronic guidelines. It is packed in fully recyclable package and the paper manual has been replaced with online user manual. This is one of the most affordable eco conscious handsets available.

4.      Samsung Restore


Samsung is one of the first mobile phone companies that have launched eco friendly gadgets and one of the best green phones of this company is Restore. It is a multi media phone that is made with biodegradable materials. This phone keeps you touch on the go and also save the earth at the same time. The packaging in which it arrives is also recyclable completely. The best features of this phone are it is made from post consumer recyclable materials, full slide QWERTY keyboard, energy star qualified phone charger, 2 MP camera, built in entertainment with media player, stereo Bluetooth technology, 100% recyclable packaging.


5.      Motorola Citrus



The Motorola Citrus is a eco friendly phone that runs on Android. It is green as the Android logo. It is one of the few phones of Android that is eco friendly. It is made of 25% post consumer plastic and is PVC and BFR free. This is a touch screen Smartphone with 3” display, 3 MP camera, stereo Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and social networking. If you are looking for an Android phone which comes cheap and does not need lot of power and mostly you care about the environment then Motorola Citrus is the right phone for you.

These are the best eco friendly phones. If you are dead serious about saving the environment as much as you can then start with these eco friendly phone.