Samsung Galaxy Note 2 made quite a stir in the tech market when it was released in August in Germany. It has some amazing features like fast processor, big screen, S-pen, 4G/LTE connectivity. This is a not just a phone but a fusion of phone and tablet. A recent report showed that it has surpassed 5 million sales mark. Are you planning to buy one for yourself this holiday season? Here are some tips and tricks for this great Smartphone that are effective and useful.

galaxy note 2

Extending Battery– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a big battery of 3100 mAh. However constant use will deplete the phone’s battery.  As battery is very important for CPU speed, web browsing etc you need to extend the life of your phone battery. It is possible through the hidden pull down screen. Also some precious minute of your battery can be saved by turning of 3G and S-Pen detection.

Increasing Storage- Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB and they can be expanded to a storage of 64 GB. The best way for users to save games, apps, media files etc is by buying a 64 GB micro SD card. Also you can sign for Drop Box where you can store files upto 50 GB and access it through your Galaxy note phone.

Video Multi-Tasking-Users can pop out the video they are watching while it is still playing and overlay it on the top of their so that they do not miss anything. It is very innovative of Samsung  But, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 does not support all file formats. Well, you do not have to worry about it, it can be remedied by downloading media player like MX player from Google Play Store.

Call Blocking-Don’t feel like taking calls when you are busy or tired or attend calls from certain numbers? Then you can avoid them on your Galaxy note 2. There is a blocking feature under the settings that restrict the calls you specify. You can specify the number, name and time when you you do not want to be disturbed and you will not receive a single call at the specified time from the specified person.

Idea Sketch- One of the best features of Galaxy note 2 is the S-Pen. When you feel like sketching just jot it down on your tablet and it will detect your handwriting and will spring up hundreds of image samples and you can trace them or fill color in it.

These are 5 cool tips and tricks for Samsung galaxy Note 2.