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Are you interested in promoting your Blog to reach our huge audience with guest posting as guest blogger? Then Technically Buzz2fone is the right place, We welcome you to write about latest – news, articles, products, companies , reviews , acquisitions, ceo’s , employees anything  but related to only Mobile industry. As Buzz2fone is Mobile Tech News Portal. Showcase your great technical content writing skills which is dedicated to Mobile Tech community enthusiasts, Tech news readers, Bloggers and You.

What is Guest Blogging/Guest posting ?

Many writers know about this, where Many Writers are not clear about this. So , to make it clear. You can write great content related to our Blog (Buzz2fone) and submit to us. So, what you get in return – we don’t pay you. You can share the information to people and if you need you can get link connected  from your submitted blog to the your website within the text. But the content and website link should be on same topic. So we would like to invite great guest bloggers to post and share some new ideas and news on our mobile tech blog. Guest Posting makes our blog more valuable as it gives best and new things in form of great content. So , we are looking forward for top guest bloggers who can contribute to buzz2fone.

So, Why should you Guest Blog on Buzz2Fone

  • Buzz2fone is widely read blog with many readers daily and as well as quality maintained blog.

  • Depending upon the news and article it can be “Featured” as well.

  • We will link to your website within the article, but it should be relevant to the blog.

Basic Guidelines to Guest Blog on Buzz2fone


So what type of posts are accepted here

  • Blog post must be unique and not published before or after on any other website. It should be original and not version modified form of any other content.

  • Blog content should be under our categories listed-WINDOWS, APPLE, ANDROID , BLACKBERRY TOP’S BUZZ , TOP 10 BUZZ , REVIEWS , NEW BUZZ , SAMSUNG ,MORE MOBILE, FONE TIPS , SOCIAL BUZZ , LISTS and Should be completely related to mobile industry ( new companies, new websites , apps, reviews, top lists, acquisitions, ventures,  etc)

  • As we can provide with one or two links which should be linked judiciously. To be clear, like link with your company name, app name, product name etc. we cannot link to the keywords for seo purpose.

  • If You like , you can link back from your website to our Post so that readers can know about your blog post.

  • You are welcome to promote your blog post URL on any website and social media sites like twitter, Facebook etc;


Blog posts we don’t accept

  • Too much self promotional content of your site or product/service. you should write in information way not in promotional way.

  • Blog posts containing affiliate links or links and images to NSFW( non safe for work)

  • Hidden links or text or content related Misrepresentation of facts

  • Copied and modified content  or copyrighted content from any website.

  • Abusive / inappropriate content or language

  • Content or links of banned sites, adult sites, redirects


How to Write and submit for Buzz2fone?

Just Click here Guest blogging and submit through free posting. And fill the required form in the Guest post format mention below:

Title: Headlines for your post/news

Short Description: Descripiton which appears as short 4 lines text  in the category page and main page.( Can be different to your content or  small description of your content like 50-100 words)

Main Description: Your body text where your actually post or news or information goes here. it can be from 800- 2000 words. Make sure your text looks good for user to read by making the headings h1, h2 tags,  add bullets, numbered lists , add bold, underlines, paragraphs wherever required to give your blog post text more clarity and for better readability. As the box is html editor and readable you can use html format also.

Note: To insert images or links into the blog post , You can use hyperlinks, html tags Like < a href =” “>your company name</a> and submit it . And for images you can upload the images using upload attachments button in the form. you can also  upload relavant video as well but the format should only be in .FLV

Email: your email id Country:your country of posting

What happens after you submit?


After you submit your blog, we go through your content and check  whether it follows our guidelines, If it passes through our guidelines we will approve it and let you know by the email.



1) Once approved articles can also be deleted if it violates our quality guidelines at any time.

2) we have right to modify/edit/delete your headlines, body text ,links,  images to adjust to our Blog and guidelines, before or after we approve it.


If you have any queries regarding changes in your blog post, advertising any thing . please contact us through our admin contact form: Contact Buzz2fone