Internet phones use VoIP or voice over internet protocol technology for voice communication and phone service. These internet phones have definite advantages over regular phones but there are disadvantages too.  The following are the pros and cons of Internet phones.

voip phones
  • What are UCaaS and CCaaS? Unified or Integrated communications is the advantage of Internet phones. They can converge tech platforms. Software apps unify voice, internet and the computer networks. Files or messages can be transferred to email where they can be stored as data and phones can be connected to the desktop and used wherever there is internet. Mobile phones, devices and computers can be coordinated. This is unified communications
  • Internet phones save us lot of money when compared to the traditional phones. There are location independent so it does not matter whether you make a local call or a long distance one and the cabling for the phone and the internet are the same so costs on the wiring is saved.
  • One disadvantage with internet phones is they are reliant on the internet and bandwidth. So, if there is no internet connection then there is no voice connection and also if there is no power there will be no phone too.
  • When VoIP phone is set there must be adequate bandwidth as voice and data come over the same cable. If there is not enough bandwidth for both then the entire system will slow down.
  • There security concerns over the internet phones. Hackers can eavesdrop on your conversations with “packet sniffers”. Also with “dialers” spyware thieves can direct phone calls through your  internet connection for calling international numbers or expensive numbers. So, internet phones need firewall security.
  •  Internet phones have issues with sound quality. VoIP is delivered as packets of data and so the conductivity causes echo or call drop or some garbling sounds.  But the with the advancement of VoIP technology it is getting more reliable.

The Internet phones though have some minor disadvantages yet the advantages overlap them so they are way over advantageous than regular phones. Find more at Technology blogs at blog directory.