The new standalone or plug-in, Luminar has great prospects to challenge Photoshop and Lightroom. Photographers can use the application to erase negative features and to brighten the overall appearance of the photo. The photo editor is available on Mac and the new beta version for Windows is released recently. The app comes with AI featured photo filter. You can edit complex photos very easily as it can adapt to your photo style without difficulty.

Faster and powerful features

The photo-editing app can be used by amateurs as well as seasoned photographers. The photos captured from various devices such as DSLRs and smartphones can be edited with the app very easily. You can edit photos with Luminar as you edit with Photoshop and the operation can be done very easily. There is great flexibility with the app. It has plenty of tools to make changes to the photo in a very efficient way.

Luminar has a simple and intuitive interface. The editing tools can be hidden as per your convenience. The panel will be presented by clicking on the hide button. You can work with layers so that there will be a great change in the photo without losing the originality. It is possible to revert back to the previous stage at any point of time so that there will not be any compromise on the quality and style of photo.


Luminar facilitates customized workspaces through which you will get access to various kinds of photo editing tools as per the category. The categories available with the app include landscape, black & white, universal, portrait, and street. It is possible to create your own workspace by customizing tools as per your needs. A new workspace can be created by tweaking the existing workspace and renaming it. You will get a brief description of the effect that you will get with each workspace and the information will be provided by the software automatically.


There are more than 50 quick presets. They are available with various categories such as Basic, Street, Portrait, Outdoor, and Dramatic. If you are a new user, you will be benefited with these presets. As you purchase the app, you will get access to 3 presets developed by professional photographers. You can go through previews regardless of categories. It is possible to create customized previews also as per your convenience.

Enhanced productivity

Luminar is a flexible app as it can be launched as a standalone app or as a plug-in to other prominent photo editing tools. You can add it as a plug-in to work with Photoshop, Aperture and Lightroom. The app will launch its own window and there will not be any change in the interface. You can go through different photos from the main window so that the photo-editing will be done in a very efficient manner. Multiple photos can be collected through the batch processing feature of Luminar.

If you are familiar with other Macphun’s app, you can catch the features presented with Luminar very easily and high-quality photo editing operations can be done in an effortless manner.