What do people do when they can’t find some information about their flight ticket, or perhaps when that new laptop they just bought isn’t working properly? Chances are, they call up the company. But who answers? The representatives of the company at the call center are usually there to solve these problems. They have been trained and authorized to represent the company, and help out as best they can.

Call Center Problems:

Unfortunately, oftentimes, the call center employees aren’t qualified enough or even in a position to resolve issues. This is when the call gets transferred from one person to the next. However, this problem is so common that everyone knows that annoying moment when the on-hold melody remains stuck in your head for the rest of the day! And even after all that trouble, chances are, the problem isn’t solved as yet. All the frustration associated with that simple call is what makes it infuriating, and this is where the most successful call centers have come up with something different. In order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, they have devised a number of ways to relax a situation while ensuring the best results.

Call Center Tricks:

One of the best ways in which a call center will attempt to please its customers is with a light use of humor, a positive attitude, and really listening in order to provide the customers with the right assistance. However, none of this compares if the employee is not qualified enough to deal with the problem at hand. As a result, most call centers attempt to ensure first call resolution. This is so that the customer does not have to worry about following up on the first unsuccessful attempt. Instead, all the effort is directed at resolving the problem during the initial call itself. However, this also means that the calls are frequently transferred from one person to another until a solution is reached. This only adds to the wait time, as the melody slowly feels like an annoying tune stuck on replay.

The Solution:

Ultimately, this causes a whole lot of hair pulling on both ends, which then translates into a bad review for the company. However, believe it or not, a simple solution can be reached. Instead of focusing on first call resolution, the focus needs to be shifted to complete customer satisfaction. Just because a problem was solved in a single call doesn’t mean it was an easy process. In order to ensure less disgruntled clients, the best call centers in the world don’t always focus on first call resolution, but rather ensure their efficiency through Virtual Hold Technology Callback.

This solves the problem by giving the callers the expected wait time. This is done before they join the queue, thereby giving them a choice to opt out if they so wish. Here, they also have the choice for a call back within a promised period of time to wrap up their problem as soon as possible.

This way, there is less friction between the customers and the employees. The number of dissatisfied patrons also drops drastically, and thereby boosts a company’s reputation. Customer care is vital to any business, and this is crucial, especially when it comes to call centers where hours of dealing with angry callers can leave any employee exhausted. However, a simple solution and a positive attitude can now turn it all around.