What is Mobile blog

What a great thing of Blogging from a mobile device. It sounds different…but now you can do blogging from your mobile device wheteher you are in Eiffel tower or traveling you can blog from your cell phone. It is such a great pleasure to share your thoughts with the whole world with an ease. Now you can blog with your mobile. Mobile blog works with the device which has MMS, text and email facility. This facility is free of cost by Google but data rates are applicable by mobile customer subscriber. Everything is becoming mobile even the blog too. You can blog through your mobile wherever you are it does not have any limitations.

mobile blog


Mobile blog or mobile blogging is also known as mobblog or mobblogging. It is a way of publishing to a blog or website through a mobile device. It helps bloggers to writer their post directly to the website through their phone. Mobile blog was not an easy task but it has been made possible through technological convergence which helps bloggers to write or post even they can upload different media through their mobile device. Mobile blog is more popular among those people who have camera in their phones which permits them to email or MMS photos as well as video content on the websites. They can also post content directly on blogging platform through their phone browsers with mobile posting compatibility.


It is now easier for everyone to connect with blogging through their mobile blog and now-a-days all the users have become mobile friendly as well as they are using phones which have camera. Mobileblogging came into existence in the year 1995 but the name was given in 2002 by Adam Greenfield. Mobile blog is very useful for people who spend most of their time in traveling including tourists and businessmen. Through this technique they can do blogging from all across the world without internet connection or laptops. They only need GPRS or a phone which is WAP enabled so that they can easily upload and post their content or video to the blogs. In some of the mobile devices they have Autogeotagging which shows your present location in the blog.

With mobile blog it is so convenient for a person to be in touch with their personal digital diaries known as blogs. You can utilize your time by doing blogging while you are traveling. There is no need to carry heavy diaries to your trip you just need to blog in.