Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best Smartphones in town and people are crazy about this phone. This phone does deserve the craziness, it is worth of it truly. Galaxy S3 is a sleek, beautiful and large touch screen phone with great features. Due to its amazingly large display it enhances the  experience of playing games and apps on it. Here are some of the must have apps free apps for Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.


Samsung Galxy S3 has a great camers so it is only deseves a great app related to photography. It has a 8MP camera with 3.3fps burst mode and so its ability needs to be tested while recording the 1080p video. After you click photos using the camera make it more adorable with the features of Instagram like filters and other photo tools. It has custome designed borders and filters and makes your photos more vibrant and adds more details to your pics. You can even share photos with your friends through photostream and follow their photos with single button click.

Onavo Extend

This great app reduces your data usage and extends your present data plan’s value. With this app you can get 5 times more out of your data plan without the necessity of changing your phone usage habits. You can use more apps, share photos, browse the internet and much more on your 3G or 4G networks without breaching your data limit. You can evensave money when you travel abroad and stay within your roaming plan. It is more powerful now with its data caching tool which makes use of the SD card to reduce the data consumption of 3G and 4G networks traffic. When sharing photos this app even controls the data usage.


This is a free Radio app and is available for US listeners only. This app gives users access to millions of songs on your S3 phone. Users can choose to listen for free or subscribe to spotify Premium.  If a playstation plays your favorite song you can save it with a single tap. Users have access to unlimites songs and stations. With the premium account users can also listen to songs offline. It has sound quality setting for 320Kbps listening.

Sky Go

This is amust have app but it is only for Sky TV customers. Users cn enjoy TV from Sky on Galaxy S3 with a 3G or Wi-Fi connection at no extra cost. Users can view up to 43 live channels. Watching Sky Go on your S3 via a 3G connection will use data and if the monthly allowance is exceeded then significant charges will be applied.

Samsung Remote

This app lets users control their Samsung TV and BD products whent hey are connecte to the same wireless router. Using your mobile phone you can turn yoyour mobile phone acts as a remote to your Samsung TV.

Angry Birds Space

Angry birds is the most palyed game in the world. People are addicted to this game. This app has

140 interstellar levels on planets and in 0 gravity. Therefore there is spectacular gameplay with slow motion puzzles, lightning destruction and many more The large screen of S3 will all the more enhance the gaming experience.


These are some fo the free apps that your Samsung Galaxy S3 must have. Find more blogs at Buzz2fone Blog Directory.