Samsung Galaxy S3 is a must have Smart phone. This Highly acclaimed phone is popular to the extent that the company has sold more than 2 million handsets in just 2 months of its release. It is well deserves the hype created about it. It is loaded with great innovative features, stunning display and fast processor. Here are a few tips and features that you might not have come across.


  • Phone calls are made easy with this phone. It has motion controls, that let you make a call by just moving your phone to your ear when you view a contact or text. Voice controls helps you choose to pick or reject a phone call by your voice.
  • If you love to read news the first thing in the morning, when you wake up from bed then this phone will surely keep you updated as soon as you open your eyes. With the feature “Briefing”, your phone will give you the headlines of the day, weather report etc. All you have to do is go to alarm types option in your phone and change it to briefings.
  • If you are scared your hand may shiver when you click a snap enable voice controls for camera settings to click a picture. You have to say “shoot” and the camera will automatically click the picture.
  • You can use the palm of your hand to stop the music you are listening to on your phone. Simply cover your phone with your palm and the track gets paused. This option can be turned on or off in the motions section of settings menu.
  • It is easy to get a screenshot with Samsung Galaxy S3. Just swipe the screen with your palm and there you go, you will have the screenshot of the page you have been viewing.
  • What if you cannot hear the voice of the person on the other end even if you have set the volume to max? You do not have to worry, just add the extra volume by pressing a button on your screen which is next to the contact phone.
  • Are you worries about wanting to know who is calling you even when your phone is in the silent mode? Then, set custom vibrations on your S3 for different people, so that you can know who is calling you even when you put your phone in the silent mode.
  • You can optimize the quality of the call with your S3 phone. There is personalized call equalization setting on your phone which tests your ears with many different tones and frequencies to check how good you can hear them. It then creates a customized EQ curve for each of your ear, so that you can hear call clearly as much as possible. You can set this by going to EQ settings and personalize your EQ settings.

These are some amazing tips and features of Samsung Galaxy S3.