Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors continue to light up the internet like wild fire. It seemed just yesterday the Galaxy S3 was released, and the news about the release the next one is ready. Well, the compnay has not yet confirmed the news but, if it is anything but true then fans would rejoice.

Collecting info from the rumors in the past it seeems this rumored phone might have a 4.99″ screen with a 1080 pixels display, 13 MP camera, pentile display. Reports even state that there might be a 8 core chipset. This chip core, depending on the demand palced on the smartphone, might use both high and low power.

If the rumors are anything but true then we can expect the announcement at CES. The display could be announceb but the glimpse of the phone might not be possible. If the rumors are really true and legitimate then when will  the Samsung Galaxy S4 be released in the markets is the big question now. Well, the answer to the big question cannot be answered right now. But if it is shown at CES then propbably it will be shipped in a few months. May be we can expect it somewhere around march 2013.

For those who have already bought Samsung Galaxy S3, the prospect of their phones getting a new repalcement even before it has been a year since they bought their new phone may not be a happy one. Is’nt it true? Well, we do not know if this rumor holds any base or not. May be there is quite a possibilty that the Samsung Galaxy S4 does have a 4.9” display and a 1080 p display. But the question here is what about the rest of the specs rumors? The doubt is whether we get to see the S4 at CES, but may be there is at a slight chance that we could see the rumored display. Well, do not get your hopes up as everything is to early to say anything.

All we can do is wait for the South Korean company to make the announcement. Until that time keep enjoying your Samsung Galaxy S3 and the other flagship phones from Samsung.