The latest ruling of the Samsung and Apple’s Global patent war was passed saying Samsung’s Galaxy phones and tablets infringe on Apple’s patent at a Dutch court this Wednesday.

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Apple has bagged yet another victory, against its arch rival Samsung on Wednesday on the Dutch land this time. The court has approved of Apple and laid a ban on some of the old Samsung’s Galaxy line of gadgets.

According to reports, it seems that Judge Peter Blok at THE Hague District Court found Samsung’s galaxy line of phones have infringed on Apple’s patent for navigating pictures in photo gallery. In august last year a Europe wide preliminary judicial order was laid by the same court against Samsung, on Wednesday it had been converted into a permanent one. The judge said that the ban is on Galaxy phones that use the Apple’s patent technology for navigating pictures in gallery using touch screen, they are versions 2.2.1 and above that do not use the “blue flash” gallery technology . But the company does have to pay damages to Apple.

The court passed a rule saying Samsung must pay Apple one hundred thousand Euros everyday it meddles with the ruling and it must also reveal its profit made from product infringement from last year June and then the court will determine the amount Apple will receive.

The amount of damage Samsung has to pay to Apple has not been determined yet. Considering the Dutch market size and the fact that no huge damage awards have been declared in this jurisdiction, the amount might be less, probably lesser than the legal expenses. Another point to be noted is the device banned were running on Android version Gingerbread or Honeycomb and now all the gadgets released by Samsung are running on Android 4 or 4.2 that is Ice cream Sandwich or Jelly bean. Samsung has not yet commented on the matter.

Samsung and Apple are locked in patent war all over the world to dominate each other and stand as the number one manufacturers of tablets and Smartphones in the world. Both the companies have been in a constant legal battle over patents for a couple of years now and neither have evolved as a clear victor till date. Sometimes victory chose Apple and some other times Samsung.