About buying online

At last, you have decided to visit a special, exciting event and you have a lack of time. Do not worry! The fast, convenient and reliable way of purchasing a ticket is now available for you. Imagine that you only have to type a concert or an artist, and our search tool will find tickets for you. It is great, yeah? But one amazing platform, Ticket Crab, will save your time and money. Cheap tickets can be found here. The website is easy to navigate because of user-friendly interface. Come on and find everything you need!

Things that you should know

We want everyone to enjoy his time. So we prepared some advises for a person not to miss an exclusive event.

So, here are possible problems that you have to be ready for.

  1. If a person loses his e-ticket.

Remember that if somebody lost the printed version of his ticket, he has a possibility to print it again. The e-card can be available with the help of e-mail and agent site. If e-ticket has been lost forever, then it is required to inform the ticket agent. Then the old ticket will be cancelled, and you will receive the new one by email.

  1. Sometimes it is required exchanging the electronic ticket for a paper one.

The organiser may ask you to exchange your printed ticket for an official paper equivalent. Such replacement may also be required when returning the ticket. By the way, if a client needs a paper version of his e-ticket for some reason, he can feel free to contact concert organisers and ask them to exchange his ticket for a paper. It is forbidden for them to deny him.

  1. Access denied when passing to the event.

Such unpleasant situation can happen if the progress bar has been already used. Once it has been scanned during the first entrance, all copies of the ticket will no longer work. Therefore, you should not publish your tickets on the Internet. You must save them in a way so that other people will not be able to steal them. If for some reason, your bar code does not work, you should contact support.

  1. If event is cancelled.

The customer has a right to receive all his money back if a concert didn’t take place. But he has to take into consideration that the cost of reservation and delivery may not be repaid. So, he must carefully read the information on the site, where he wants to buy a seat.

  1. Ticket refund

Every customer must read attentively Terms and Conditions of the website, where he is going to make a purchase. Many companies do not return the whole cost because of service charge. Also, the sum of money, which will be returned, depends on the number of days before the event will take place. The earlier he returns ticket – the bigger sum will be returned. When returning the ticket for three calendar days before event and less the cost of tickets cannot be returned at all. Carefully read the data on the merchant’s site!