The cellphone, one of the most remodeling modern day inventions. This has pretty much taken control of almost all of our modern day needs, be it normal conversations to the most important business deals. Media qualities ranging from Cameras to constant social media connectivity. This is pretty much where our life is headed now, portability fused with practicality.

We depend on our phones from delivering our messages to waking us up in the morning. There still remain many possibilities that are still untapped in this portable beast we have with ourselves. What I am introducing to you today is a whole new aspect in which this portability can come into use!

SmartSwipe Mobile POS

This is literally a revolution in the modern business world. What this thing is, it is practically a mobile pos card reader machine, billing device and business receipt producer all in the portability of your mobile phone! It fits effortlessly into the headphone jack and the application allows you to very easily access the billing procedure in a matter of a few taps. This app does not just allow you to just swipe a card, it has much more in store for you!

SmartSwipe has a built in scheduler

Schedule your appointments, your deals, pre order stuff,etc. The list just never ends about the possibilities that come with this flamboyant scheduler. No need to put on reminders everywhere, you will be reminded and informed the same place where you have to work on it. This scheduler is destined to get you on your toes!

Ever thought of a business deal in a restaurant, sweet right? Talk about the deal and work on the price having a decent meal. This would not just boost your rep but it would give a distinct impression that you are already on of the most reputed businessmen, who know how to deal. Talk with ease, negotiate and discuss matters while sipping on a good glass of a drink. Then when you are done, pull out that portable monster of a phone you have and complete the transaction on the spot. The consumer, he will have a mixture of awe and delight at the efficiency of the deal he is working into. The trust this would build would not just be between you two now, he will ho and tell people about this amazing experience he had in dealing with you. Your rep will go up a notch, so will your popularity!

SmartSwipe has a built in catalogue for you to make deals

Say, you own a fast food chain, the waiters all have tabs, they go to the customs and except for those traditional notebooks they have tabs. Wow, tabs as notepads, not only notepads sir! Your deal is being formed on the spot. This app also offers a whole combination former. Make a combination and bill on the spot. The hassle of forgetting an order would be lost to time and the impact that would be made by a waiter with a tab would be lasting.

To add to customer delight, a built in tip option is given in the app, giving the customer the choice to include his tip into the bill!

SmartSwipe keep track of the cash receipts

Lets be honest here,receipts, I as a customer never keep track of the cash receipts. I mean who has the free time to properly collect and place each receipt of what I buy. Be it the receipt of a bakery item or some electronic device. Then I face an issue when I have to produce that receipt. This is a common problem not just for me but for many people out there. So, here they have a solution. E-receipts, why not receive all those receipts on the same portable and seemingly UN ending business device, your phone! This app allows you to form and receive e-receipts. With this, the issue of managing sale receipts is going to be lost to time.

SmartSwipe also allows you to save your client info

This app also allows you to save your client info,who they are, why they contacted you, where you can see them, what they do and a lot more. It is always convenient if you have track of who you have dealt with in the past or are almost into a deal with. Several benefits really, verify whether the deal ever took place, you can find them instantly if you need them. It’s great really.

What else you get with this monster of a business app is hardware solutions. They have premium class cash drawers, Bluetooth printers and barcode scanners but here we have an innovation. They provide all these things not only at a nominal price but an eye catching wireless cloud connectivity between all these devices and your portable beast. Isn’t this just great, deal however you want wherever you want and still be able to do business quality functions!

Merchant account solutions have done some quality work in the field of making business more portable and efficient. It’s really surprising to see how much work they have put into it. All their products are premium level products which are sure to boost up your business efficiency and you will surely be impressed by how quickly you make it to the top of your counterparts.

This app and all the other work provided by this group of hard workers is surely to give you an all rounded upgrade to your business capabilities!